New Club Repeater

Motorola Quantar analog FM and P25 digital repeater

Location: Clovis Water Tower
Frequency: 443.225 + offset
Modes: Analog FM & P25
CTCSS: 141.3
NAC: $514

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers are  pleased to announce a new club repeater. It is located in downtown Clovis at the water tower facility. The repeater is a Motorola Quantar that was kindly donated by the City of Clovis. In addition to the donation, the facility includes coaxial line and an antenna that is approximately 120 feet above ground level. (Members attending the June club meeting were given an early hint)

Mark Rau, Communications Manager for the City of Clovis, played a key role in providing this new resource for licensed amateur radio operators. In addition, club technical committee member Dr. Michael Moya and club President Rob Mavis assisted with donations of equipment. Their efforts also included time to calibrate, tune and install the new repeater gear.

The donated repeater has a bit of history. It was previously used by the Clovis Police Department as channel #1. It will be enjoyed in the future during community events where licensed amateur radio operators provide communications during walks, runs and rides here in the central valley.

Although it was previously used in analog FM, the Motorola Quantar repeater provides mixed mode of analog FM and digital in the form of P25; both of these modes are enabled on the repeater. It is recommended that a tone squelch be engaged in order to avoid hearing the P25 carrier when that mode is used. The tone squelch is 141.3, the same as the TX tone.

Please note that additional hardware was needed. The funds for that are generated by the C.A.R.P. fireworks stand. Membership dues are appreciated and cover rental fees for the meeting location, but the primary funds to maintain and improve club radio repeaters and equipment comes from the once a year fund raiser. Your assistance working in the booth is needed. Consider spending some time with your fellow members every year at the stand. This year it will be located in the parking lot of the Der Wienerschnitzel on Shaw Ave. in Clovis. The club is providing refreshments and it is a perfect time to also enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow members. Spouses and family can help sell too! (Age 18 and over)