August 4th, 2018 T-Hunt Recap

An early Saturday morning start found the transmitter hunters in cooler temperatures, as they raced to find the fox (N6MQG). This particular hunt was a timed based hunt. The first to find both transmitters would be the winner.

There were five teams for this event:
– NI6G & K6MI

The main transmitter was less than two miles away and offered a strong signal. The fox had deployed an omnidirectional antenna along with a hearty battery to handle the output.

Upon locating the main transmitter, the hunters were to read a card that identified the second frequency to triangulate. Unfortunately, all hunters did not observe the card, as it was not secured at the location and fell to the ground. For those that did find it and tuned to the alternate frequency, they found the fox talking to them, who was a short distance away. Other hunters were advised of the frequency over-the-air and eventually all hunters located the fox. A while later the hunters and fox gathered to enjoy some breakfast at Huckleberry’s and recount their efforts during the hunt.

The next T-Hunt is Thursday, September 6 at 7:30 PM. The starting point is Letterman Park. Mike (KG6MSV) will be the fox.

The order of those finding the fox were:
1. Mike (KG6MSV) & Jacob (KK6MIC) w/his son Hunter
2. Eric (NI6G)
3. John (K6MI)
4. Ron (N6MTS) & Rob (AE6GE)
5. Marty (K6KTP)
6. Rick (W6KKO)*