T-Hunt Coordinator Needed

Hello fellow members,

C.A.R.P. is currently soliciting club members for the position of Transmitter Hunt Coordinator. The duties will be to schedule T-Hunt’s throughout the year and coordinate the designated fox with the hunt group. This is typically performed by using an exiting group message board on the club website. A follow-up report of a few paragraphs and pictures after each event helps to let others know the fun you are having.

T-Hunt’s are typically scheduled out a full year in advance to allow for planning. The schedule and any updates can be provided to the C.A.R.P. club secretary for posting to the T-hunt page on the club website.

If you have experience with transmitter hunts and would like to become the group coordinator, please send an email to w6kko@k6arp.org. Please include your name, callsign, and a sentence or two on why you would like to take on the coordinator position.