Sept VHF 2018 Results are in!

The full final results have been published for the 2018 ARRL September VHF Contest.

I operated AE6GE Single Op High Power (SOHP) from the W6TV Contest Station located on Bear Mountain east of Fresno (DM06). Operating 6-meters through 1.2 GHz I accumulated a score of 17,697. Not my best score but OK for the amount of activity on the bands. The score was enough to take the Pacific Division in the SOHP category.

In addition 3rd place in 902 MHz and 4th place in 1.2 GHz QSOs overall.

It is sad to note, this was the last contest we would see Ron Hunt N6MTS (SK) operating his rover station. He did place fifth in the Top Ten Classic Rover category for completing 270 QSOs and covering 6 grid squares winning the Pacific Division in the Classic Rover (R) category with 21,586 points.