Sanger Blossom Trail 2019 Comms After Action

On Saturday March 2nd, 2019 the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers in conjunction with Fresno County ARES and members of the Tulare County Amateur Radio Club provided amateur radio communications support to the Sanger Blossom Trail 10K Run.

This event was a great kick-off for the 2019 EMCOMM/Public Service Event season. While a short duration, the event usually poses a couple of issues to tackle. Because of how early the event is in the year rain is a constant issue. This year was no exception, it rained all night right up to the start of the run and light rain during the event but that didn’t deter the couple hundred participants that ran the event.

Amateur Radio Volunteers

  1. AE6GE Rob Mavis
  2. K6JDM James Majors
  3. KM6CVB Gary Waters
  4. KM6YFD Harvey Hopper
  5. KJ6OUI Greg Waters
  6. AG6JI Steve Wichert
  7. AE6SX Dan Pruitt
  8. W6CMR Craig Roberts
  9. WB6LLW Norman Shomber
  10. KK6WFN Dwain Ragsdale
  11. KF6QJL Richard Miller
  12. KB6LQV Ray Harkins
  13. KM6BNY Robert King
  14. N6HEW Glen Caine
  15. KI6OYW Gary Greenberg
  16. AI6TW Cedric Reese
  17. AG6JI Steve Wichert


  • Number of Amateur Radio Volunteers: 17
  • Number of Volunteer Hours: 54.3