AllStarLink Node 28129 Info

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers hosts an AllStar Link repeater on Bear Mountain, east of Fresno.  The repeater operates at 444.050 MHz + 123.0 Hz.

The repeater is currently configured stand-alone on the hilltop and is open for the amateur public to use.

More info about the AllStar Link System.


*1 – Link Disconnect
*2 – Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3 – Link Connect
*4 – Remote Command
*70 – Link Status
*71 – Disconnect All Links
*81 – Time

To connect to a node, simply key the repeater, identify your station, and press *3 and then the node number you wish to connect to, then unkey.

To disconnect follow the connect procedure, but use the *1 command.


A list of available AllStar node is available here: AllStar Link Nodelist

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