Parachute Mobile Mission 31 is scheduled for June 16, 2018


Parachute Mobile Mission 31 is scheduled for June 16, 2018.

This will be an opportunity to for you to make a unique contact with a skydiver while he descends under his parachute.


FM: 146.430 MHz

HF: 14.250 MHz (May operate split mode.  Check website closer to mission day.)


Search AF6IM or KC6TYD depending on jumper

Live streaming video:



This will be our first time using EchoLink.  Please be patient when attempting to make a QSO as we are aware of latency issues.  We have tried our best to keep this at a minimum.


Bay Area Skydiving

Byron Airport, Byron, CA

We hope to have our first jump as close to 10 a.m.  Listen on 146.430 MHz for Parachute Control.  Updates will be made throughout the day to keep you advised of jump status.  Too far away?  Updates will be made on the W6CX repeater (Diablo) on 147.060+ 100.  We will also have a running timeline of updates on our website at  We hope to complete 4 jumps for the day.

If you make a contact please email us at  We keep both a written and audio log, however, at time calls are missed.

Please note that we have no control over the aircraft or weather and the event is subject to delays or cancellation.  Please visit our website,, for updates.

Hope to hear you in the air,