March 10, 2012 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap
By Rob Mavis AE6GE

March 12, 2012

March 10, 2012 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap

On Saturday March 10, 2012, I was the fox for the CARP Transmitter Hunt. The hunt began at the Park and Ride at the intersection of Highway 41 and 145 in Madera. Four teams participated in the Hunt that started promptly at 10:25 am.

The hide radius for this hunt was 10 miles from the start point.  The transmitter was hidden on the Miramonte High School campus located at the corner of Highway 41 and Road 200 (North Fork/O’Neals turnoff), a driving distance of 9.1 miles from the start point. My vehicle and the transmitter was tucked away behind one of the buildings so it could not be seen from the road or school parking lot.

The Hidden Transmitter

At first I thought of making this an easy hunt and point the 4-element beam directly at the start point, but I figured that would be too easy. So I turned the beam 45 degrees to the left so that the signal would reflect off the hills over by Millerton Lake. My deception paid off as all hunters with the exception of one initially headed east to Millerton rather than north up 41 direct to the hiding spot.

With the transmitter humming away I took time to walk around campus admiring and taking photos of the beautiful new school. I then positioned myself on a bench with a view of the parking lot entrance with the hopes of catching some good pictures of the hunters as they arrived.

Duane KI6QEL and Christina trying to decide if that guy over there with the camera is Rob or not...

At about one hour into the hunt I caught a glimpse of the first hunter arriving at the hide point. Or so I thought. I sat there snapping pictures of the vehicle as they drove in and pretended to be someone just taking pictures. This ruse worked too because as I walked back to the vehicle expecting to see the hunter pull up to the transmitter momentarily. After about 20 minutes passed I was perplexed and took a walk around the campus only to find Duane KI6QEL and Christian no where to be found. Later I found out that determined that the guy taking pictures was not me and decided to leave the school to follow a signal bounce all the way to Millerton Lake. The were litterally 100 yards from the transmitter.

After all the hunters made the detour to Millerton Lake and realized that they were following signal bounces everyone ended up finding the transmitter within 25 minutes of one another.
Everyone had a great time and some of the participants met at Me N Eds in Fresno after the hunt for lunch and to swap stories.  Photos have been posted in the CARP Photo Gallery. Thank you to everyone who participated.

While the hunt was measured by time, mileage was recorded at the start and end of the hunt for further scoring. Here are the results from the hunt:

Class A (hunt on the move) First Place
Steve N6JXL with Tom N6MQG

Class B (point an shoot)First Place
John K6MI

Shortest Distance Driven
John K6MI

Overall Time

Place Team Members Time Mileage
1 Steve N6JXL +
 1 Hour, 40 Minutes  51 Miles
2 John K6MI  1 Hour, 42 Minutes  28 Miles
3 Duane KI6QEL +
 1 Hour, 55 Minutes  37 Miles
4 Ron N6MTS + Robert KG6QHL  2 Hours, 5 Minutes  31 Miles