Letter to CARP Board of Directors

CARP Board of Directors,

I would like to thank you and the club for bestowing the honor of being the first recipient of the CARP Lifetime Achievement Award. I was very surprised and humbled when I received it. I always looked forward to the
public service events and having the ability to practice our craft.

I think the club is blessed with a great bunch of people that are your board
members. They work tirelessly trying to keep the club funded, trained and active. They put hours upon hours preparing for the rides, walks and runs that we serve as emergency communicators.

I have now moved to Albuquerque New Mexico and have yet to join the
local Ham Radio Club; I am hoping that that club will be as active and committed to public service as CARP is. That will be a tough act to follow.

I will continue to follow the club’s activities through the website and
emails. You all have a special place in my heart and I will always cherish my memories of the group and all the friends that I have left behind in the valley.

Thanks for letting me call you my friends,

Glen Caine ( N6HEW)