Hytera Enters the North American Amateur Radio Market


Huntsville, Alabama, November 22, 2016 — GigaParts announced today the release of five new models of amateur radios manufactured by Hytera. Highly regarded in land mobile radio for their quality, durability and innovation, Hytera dominates the DMR and Tetra markets in the US and the rest of the world. Hytera is the largest radio manufacturer to enter the amateur radio market in North America.

hyteraWith nearly 1,000 amateur repeaters already on the air in North America, DMR infrastructure is well established and is on pace to surpass D-STAR and System Fusion in 2017. DMR’s growing popularity in amateur radio is due, in part, to its technical capabilities, solid reliability and compatibility across several brands. One advantage of DMR over other the other digital modes is its spectrum efficiency. By using two “time slots,” DMR allows two voice transmissions to happen simultaneously on the same 12.5 kHz channel. DMR is also known for its superior audio quality and ability to maintain voice communication at the fringe of a repeater’s coverage area.

For years, groups of dedicated hams have built up at least three networks of DMR repeaters primarily using decommissioned commercial repeaters and a lot of ingenuity and expertise. With no formal manufacturer or dealer support in the United States, DMR+, BrandMeister, and DMR-MARC are already serving tens of thousands of users. The entrance of Hytera and GigaParts into the amateur DMR community will bring resources to help buildout additional infrastructure and explore new features to support the unique needs of amateur radio operators.

To make this technology affordable for amateur radio operators, Hytera ham radios will be built on the same rugged and reliable platforms developed for commercial and public safety applications, with the removal of unnecessary features, like encryption, for additional savings. Prices for handheld radios will start at under $200. All five of these new radios will transmit from 420MHz to 450MHz on either analog or digital, are built to the same quality and durability standards as their LMR counterparts, and carry a 3 year warranty.

Over the next few months, GigaParts will be soliciting feedback from hams that will be used to determine the direction of future product development and resources devoted to putting more DMR repeaters on the air. Visit www.gigaparts.com/DMR and click on the survey link to give us your opinion.

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About Hytera

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (SHE:002583), a leading solution provider of radio communications equipment, is dedicated to bringing customized solutions to clients around the world. Hytera has established a global sales network with 30 branches and 600+ partners across around the world, and reinvests more than 14% of its revenue into research and development with over 1,200 engineers in 5 research centers.

About GigaParts

GigaParts, Inc. is the largest independent amateur radio dealer in the United States. Established in 1998, GigaParts represents every major amateur radio manufacturer and is committed to continuing to bring new products to amateur operators in the U.S.