December 18, 2010 Transmitter Hunt Recap
by Mike Herlihy KG6MSV
January 6, 2011

December 18, 2010 Transmitter Hunt Recap

Now that the holidays have settled and we are all back in the swing of things, lets talk T-Hunting.  Our last hunt was back in early December.  It was an over cast day but not enough to scare away the dedicated T-Hunters.  The hide location was a sump on the NE corner of Indianola and Jensen Ave on the edge of Sanger.  Click here to see the hunt sight. The T was located approx 15‘ below grade.

The T was a 4 element beam with 35 watts running through it with a PICON controller sounding off. (25ish seconds on and 35ish seconds off).  The beam was rotating on a remote base doing approx 5 RPM.

All of the fun was observed from the back porch of Mart’s K6KTP mobil home.  (seen to the right on the link above) Both teams were observed circling the field, but access could only be made off of a small dirt trail off of Jensen ave.

The Transmitter was discovered after the battery in the base went dead and the antenna stopped rotating.  The T was turned on at 10:00 and the hunters hit the road around 10:30 after answering questions from some locals.  The transmitter was located by both teams between.  115 and 145.

We enjoyed Me ‘n Eds and exchanged lies at my house afterwards.  Here is to a great turnout for the February T- Hunt. Thank you to all who participated in December. I hope to see those who were unable to attend the last hunt at the next outing.

Thank you all who enjoyed.

Teams that Participated:

  1. Rob Mavis AE6GE & Robert Mavis KG6QHL
  2. Ron Hunt, Joe Cardoza WA6FFJ & Ron Prewett K6RTK