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April CARP Meeting Cancelled

With the health concerns about the COVID-19 virus, the Clovis Senior Center has temporarily closed. The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers will in turn follow suit and cancel our April Meeting.

We will continue to follow the progress of the issue and determine how to proceed with each follwing CARP activity on a case-by-case basis.

Fireworks Block Party July 2nd

DFS Fireworks Block Party Sponsored by CARP and Crunch Fitness

Tuesday, July 2nd from 7pm to 10pm CARP along with . Crunch Fitness will be presenting the DFS Fireworks Block Party at the new Crunch Fitness (284 W. Shaw, Clovis)

  • FREE pizza
  • FREE Fireworks Show
  • Register for give-aways for up to $500 in free fireworks.

Fireworks show will begin at 8:30pm.

Bring your own chair.

Vandals in Coos County

Guy wires cut, causing radio tower used by Oregon firefighters to topple

“The tower at this location is used for emergency communication for Loggers, Fire Personnel and Ham Radio Operators,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “This is an integral piece of infrastructure in the woods in this particular region, especially with the onset of fire season. Loss of this capability is dangerous to responders, and could greatly impact logging and firefighting operations.” (CCSO)

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Sept VHF 2018 Results are in!

The full final results have been published for the 2018 ARRL September VHF Contest.

I operated AE6GE Single Op High Power (SOHP) from the W6TV Contest Station located on Bear Mountain east of Fresno (DM06). Operating 6-meters through 1.2 GHz I accumulated a score of 17,697. Not my best score but OK for the amount of activity on the bands. The score was enough to take the Pacific Division in the SOHP category.

In addition 3rd place in 902 MHz and 4th place in 1.2 GHz QSOs overall.

It is sad to note, this was the last contest we would see Ron Hunt N6MTS (SK) operating his rover station. He did place fifth in the Top Ten Classic Rover category for completing 270 QSOs and covering 6 grid squares winning the Pacific Division in the Classic Rover (R) category with 21,586 points.

Morse Code’s Vanquished Competitor: The Dial Telegraph

In 1842, French watchmaker Louis-François Breguet invented a simpler to use but less efficient alternative

By Allison Marsh

Photo of Louis-François Breguet’s dial telegraph.
Photo: Technical University of Madrid

Over the years, I’ve played with interactive telegraph exhibits in science centers and museums. I can tap out the common ••• – – – ••• of the emergency distress signal, and I know the letters H (••••) and E (•), but beyond that, Morse code’s patterns of dots and dashes run together in my brain. Stories of telegraph operators who could decipher hundreds of characters a minute still amaze me.

Recently, though, I learned about the needle telegraph. On both the sending and receiving end, the needle or needles would simply point to the desired letter. Finally, a user-friendly telegraph system, provided the user knew how to read.

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Korean Postage Stamp Recognizes Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships

Korea Post has issued a postage stamp in recognition of the 19th Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) World Championships, being held September 2 – 8 in Sokcho City, Gangwon Province, Korea. The Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL) will host the event. Representatives of at least 30 countries, including the US, are expected to participate. Events will include formal ARDF competitions on 2 meters and 80 meters, plus sprints and foxoring. Each country may have up to three persons per age/gender category on its team, in accordance with International Amateur Radio Union (IARUARDF rules. Nine men and three women have been preparing to represent the US in Korea.

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New Technician Class in March @ Clovis PD

We are a product (victim) of our own success from our recent technician class.

Due to demand FAME is offering a Technician Class this March 2016.

To signup please follow this link Signup Form.

30 Minute video introduction to what Amateur Radio Can Do

Some home work will be required (Homework and class schedule) as to help prepare students for the test and also shorten the hours in class. Those that attend ALL CLASSES in the past have a high percentage of passing their first time.

FAME’s recent November/December 2015 class had a 100% (31 out of 31) pass.

Those that attend ALL CLASSES and complete ALL the homework will be entered into a drawing for a FREE hand held radio.

Classes will be held @ Clovis Police Department Conference Room (1233 5th St, Clovis, CA 93612)

  • Saturday, March 12th from 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Saturday, March 19th from 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Saturday, March 26th from 8 AM to 4 PM*

*Amateur Radio Exams will be held on the last day of class from 2 PM to 4 PM

Current Sponsors By: (More sponsors maybe added) (Fingers Crossed)

Theory exams are multiple choice. Priority mail is used to send paperwork to ARRL, who sends data to FCC via electronic mail, thus assuring the fastest possible service on new licenses, which typically are posted to the FCC database by the end of the week following the exam.


  • Two ID’s, one with photo
  • Taxpayer ID Number (Social Security Number),  or FCC Registration Number (preferred)
  • Fee $15.00 per test session.  Bring Exact change please
  • Original and copy of Amateur License if upgrading
Walk in’s only for exam, no pre-registration for exam.

Instruction is based upon the contents Gordon West / W5YI – 2014-2018 Technician Class Book. The manual is available from many sources, but if you call and order the “classroom package” directly from the W5YI group (800 669-9594) let them know you are taking the class from the Fresno FAME group and you will get some additional materials included for free.

On line study questions (This is good to review while studying for the test. These are the EXACT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS for the exam. Check technician class exam)

For more information, contact Greg KJ6OUI at or Rob AE6GE at

To signup please follow this link Signup Form.