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Well-Known Contester, “Antenna Farmer” Paul Bittner, W0AIH, SK

The Reverend Paul Bittner, W0AIH, of Fall Creek, Wisconsin, died doing what he loved on October 31, when a tower-climbing mishap claimed his life at his well-known antenna farm. The ARRL Life Member and Maxim Society member was 84. A member of the CQ Contesting Hall of Fame and retired Lutheran pastor, Bittner was a well-known and respected figure within the Amateur Radio community and a prolific contester and DXer. His call sign was nearly always present in most major operating events, and even in a few lesser-known contests, and news of his tragic death and condolences and accolades quickly spread among those who knew him best.

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Glen Blomgren AF6CY – SK


Glen Blomgen AF6CY (1931-2017)
Glen Blomgen AF6CY, SK (1931-2017)

Glen Blomgren (AF6CY) became a silent key on Feb. 23, 2017. Glen was a great asset to the local ARES/RACES group and was also a mentor to the new hams as well as an ARRL Volunteer Examiner. You could find him and wife Gwen at most of the public service events in the area. He was very active in the Fresno CERT organization teaching classes as well as working in the field. He was a great supporter of the 2nd Amendment working with the NRA. Glen gave most of his life educating and helping his community however he could

Glen Henry Blomgren, 86, of Fresno died Feb. 23. He was a professor at California State University, Fresno. Memorial: 11 a.m. March 17 at Peoples Church, GL Johnson Chapel. Arrangements: Neptune Society of Central California.

Dave Kope KJ6AZQ – SK

Dave Kope KJ6AZQ
Dave Kope KJ6AZQ, SK (1949-2016)

Dave Kope, KJ6AZQ,SK passed away last week after a year-long battle with a lung ailment. Dave was a graduate mechanical engineer from Fresno State. He worked on high-tech medical instruments, and his favorite work was building and operating half-scale, live-steam locomotives at Hillcrest Farm in Reedley. He applied his radio skills to improving railroad operations, as well as enjoying contacts with his many ham friends. He is sincerely missed.

Wayne Green, W2NSD, SK

ARRL. org
September 15, 2013

Ham Radio Publications Pioneer, Visionary,
Iconoclast Wayne Green, W2NSD, SK

Wayne S. Green II, W2NSD (“Never Say Die”), of Hancock, New Hampshire, died September 13. He was 91. A well-known and often outspoken figure during what some consider Amateur Radio’s golden years in the 1950s and 1960s, Green helmed CQ Magazine for 5 years before becoming the self-proclaimed “El Supremo and Founder” in 1960 of 73 magazine, which he published until 2003.

“The purpose of [73] at that time was to get more hams building equipment,” Green recounted in a radio interview several years ago. A hallmark of 73 was Green’s iconic, rambling, and wide-ranging “Never Say Die” editorials, in which he rarely missed an opportunity to tweak the ARRL and his magazine competitors for their perceived shortcomings. In 2012 Green contributed back issues of 73 to Internet Archive.

“Wayne will be remembered in many different ways by many different people, but he will be long remembered,” said ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ. “He maintained his membership in the ARRL despite being a persistent critic. In the early days of packet radio he gave me some good advice as to how the ARRL should promote the new technology: ‘Talk about it as if everybody’s doing it, and eventually they will be.’”

Indeed, Green often was ahead of the curve in promoting such technologies as single-sideband phone, solid-state, FM, and the marriage of computers and ham radio, and he went on to found and publish Byte and other computer-oriented publications. “I live mostly in the future,” Green was quoted as saying.

Former ARRL Contributing Editor Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, once wrote in his “Surfin’” web column, “We take computers and the Internet for granted today. I first became interested in computers when Wayne Green, W2NSD, started writing about them in 73 magazine in the 1970s. Back then, you had to build your own from scratch or from kits.”

Green maintained a larger-than-life presence, even in the years after he faded from the Amateur Radio spotlight, and he never did really retire. “Hey old buddy, I will miss you,” radio talk show host Art Bell, W6OBB, posted to Wayne Green’s blog. “NEVER SAY DIE is a phrase that will be with me till it’s my time.” Green was an occasional guest on Bell’s “Coast to Coast AM” overnight talk program. There hardly was an issue that Green would not confront, and he expounded a variety of unconventional science, health, and medical theories — from cold fusion and the moon landing to AIDS and cancer cures. He continued to write and speak frequently on these topics and others, as well as on public policy, even at hamfests where he was a guest.

The “Final” in his blog sums up Green’s overarching philosophy. “Wayne Green passed away September 13, 2013 in a peaceful, painless transition from this life on Earth. An eternal optimist, and one who loved to share his never-ending zest for life, he was a friend to many and will be missed greatly. Wayne was not afraid of dying and was very much ready to embark on his next great adventure to the afterlife.”

SK – Mark Carpenter Jr KK6BIL

Sanger Herald
By Dick Sheppard
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sanger High student killed in skateboard accident
A candlelight vigil is set for this Saturday

A 16-year-old skateboarder, Mark Carpenter, Jr., a Sanger High School sophomore, was killed Monday evening when he reportedly swerved into a car that was attempting to pass him.

Carpenter was riding his skateboard home from summer school shortly before 5:30 p.m., going west on North Avenue near Thompson Avenue when a car attempted to pass him, according to a California Highway Patrol report.

Carpenter, who was “weaving from left to right in a serpentine manner” made a sharp movement on his skateboard and collided with the car. He was not wearing a helmet and was thrown into the opposing lane, where he died from the impact, according to the CHP report.

The collision is still under investigation.

Friends of the Carpenter family have arranged a candlelight vigil on Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Sanger Skate Park on Harrison Avenue near 9th Street, east of the community pool.

A fund has been set up at Citi Bank and any branch can accept donations for the Mark Carpenter Fund, account #42008201610, routing #321171184.

The School District issued the following statement Tuesday morning:

“The Sanger Unified School District family is deeply saddened by the reported death of Sanger High School 10th Grader, Mark Carpenter, who passed away on Monday, June 24th, following an accident.

“Mark was a great young man and student, well liked by students and staff. District staff have offered Sanger High School students grief counseling services through the high school guidance department. Outside grief counselors may also be made available to students, if necessary.

“The Sanger Unified School District and Sanger high school family extends their heartfelt sympathies to Mark’s family at this very difficult time, and will keep Mark, his family, and his friends in their thoughts and prayers.”

The reporter can be contacted by email at or by phone at the Herald at (559) 875-2511.

SK – John McGraw AE6QR 1935-2013

John McGraw AE6QR 19352013

SK – John McGraw AE6QR 1935-2013

John Anthony McGraw – AE6QR, 78, of Fresno became a Silent Key Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

John was a fixture at many amateur radio groups around the Clovis/Fresno Area. As a member he attended the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers club meetings and when not assisting with Public Service events, was often heard telling stories of his adventures as a charter bus driver.

John AE6QR was involved with EMCOMM

At the Fresno Amateur Radio Club he was a Board of Directors member and was always to be found hustling members to purchase drawing tickets for the club drawings.

John was also a member of the Fresno ARES/RACES and SATERN groups.


April 20, 2013 Fresno Bee Obituary


Remembrance by from the Fresno ARES Website:

John was a member of ARES when the group met in the backroom of Perko’s Restaurant on Bullard (also gone).  John believed in Amateur Radio Emergency Service and along with Paul Heinz, AE6QP-SK, Kathy Laskey, KE6KSD, Kieth Harter, WB6CXX-SK, Bob Airhart, W6RTS (recovering from stroke) and myself, we began laying the foundation for EmComm in Fresno County about 2004.  Working on fundamentals and networking in the valley, John and I shared membership on the Fresno ARC Board of Directors.

As a dedicated member of the Fresno Club and Clovis Club, John supported the Clubs and ARES by attending almost every meeting.  He and a group of blue-collar hams held court at The Fresno Club Cedar Lanes location, until most were SK.  His most notable position was selling raffle tickets and taking responsibility of the drawing of raffle prizes at each meeting.  He became so proficient, his notoriety drafted him into the position at Hamfests and other Clubs in the area.

John was not a DXer, contester or collector.  He was filled with a good heart and good stories.  He also was very deeply proud of being part of SATERN and enjoyed helping where he could.

John and I never discussed signing off for the last time, but as his spark passes to Glory I am proud to have known him and called him my friend and a Ham.

-Dan AE6SX

Benny Williams KW6N – SK

The amateur radio community in the Central Valley lost a long time operator and friend.  Benny Williams, KW6N passed away on August 5th, 2012.

An ex-Marine, Benny,  grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and worked as a mechanic for the City of Fresno as a mechanic. He was very active as and amateur on the air, building antennas, repairing anything that needed fixing, and traveling.

He was interested in operating nearly any event, rag chewing, chasing awards, WAS, DXCC, VHF and UHF contesting.  Introduced to 6M a decade ago, he was quick to work all states, catching almost every opening that came along.  His six element quad heard signals others could barely hear, and his unique voice seemed to have six db. of gain.

In his travels he would take a radio or two and some antennas, and have a signal up and on the air making all sorts of q’s.  He was active in mountain topping during the vhf contests where he contacted many grids and made many q’s.

At one time he held the Cal. QSO Party Fresno County record.

Over the years, many wire antennas were put up, tested, and taken down to make room for another.  But even more important was the help he gave to so many others with their antennas.  He was always ready to go to help.

He is survived by his son Michael and daughter Michelle, and two grandsons.

Benny Andrew Williams, 68, of Fresno died Aug. 5. He was a mechanic. No services will be held. Remembrance: Hinds Hospice, 1616 W. Shaw Ave., Suite A-5, Fresno, CA 93711. Arrangements: Neptune Society of Central California.

Fred Maia, W5YI, Silent Key

CQ Columnist Fred Maia, W5YI, Silent Key – Amateur Radio Examiner, Educator, Author was 76

CQ’s “Washington Readout” editor Fred Maia, W5YI, a leading amateur radio journalist and a pioneer of volunteer examining, passed away on March 28 after a battle with cancer. He was 76. Services are scheduled for March 31 in Fred’s hometown of Arlington, Texas. See complete obituary on the CQ News page at