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Elecraft KX2 Announcement

New KX2 radio to be announced this Thursday at the Dayton  Hamvention 2016

Elecraft KX2 Product Info
Elecraft KX2 Product Info

Hello to all,

We are please to announce a new radio to complement the KX3 and the KX-Line.  Here are the details.

What:  Elecraft announces the KX2, Ultra-portable radio
When:  Thursday, May 16th, 1300Z
Where:  Four Days In May QRP event, part of the Dayton Hamfest activities

Elecraft is excited to announce a new radio targeting the Ultra-portable market with a Fit-In-Your-Pocket size.  Please see the attached brochure for details.


  • KX2:  $749.00
  • Options and accessories:  Please see the table below for pricing.  Also see the FAQ for details.


Distributors are encouraged to order both the KX2 and accessories now.  The KX2 is already in production and early ordering will ensure your position for deliveries.

Note that the KX2 will be available in full, factory-built form only.  There will be 2 internally-installed options available immediately.  See the FAQ for more details.

Marketing Collateral Available

You will find a new section in the Elecraft Egnyte repository that contains:

  • The attached brochure in editable form for you to translate and convert to local printing formats.
  • A KX2 Date Sheet
  • A KX2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in editable form
  • Hi Resolution images for use with your marketing and web site content

Special Note on the new KX2 Battery and Charger system

  • Elecraft will be stocking the KXBT2 (Li-ion Battery) and the KXBC2 (Li-ion Charger) for your to order.
  • We have also arranged for you to purchase both items directly from our supplier, Tenergy (
  • Please see the attached document, KX2 Battery info v1.0, with the details.

Along with many of the Elecraft team, I’ll be in Dayton to launch the KX2 but will be able to answer questions as needed.

Again, we are excited to offer you increased business opportunities with the KX2 launch!



MDT DSB Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit
by James Hannibal

MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit
MDT Ham Radio 40m QRP Transceiver Kit – Copyright James Hannibal 2016 All Rights Reserved

If you enjoy ham radio kit building, then you are definitely going to want to hear about the MDT DSB QRP transceiver kit from ozQRP. This article will be more of a real-world, operational performance review of this radios’ capabilities, not a walkthrough on how to build it.

The 40 meter MDT kit(Minimalist Double Sideband Transceiver) is produced by ozQRP, a company based in Australia. This is an absolutely amazing QRP radio kit for the 40 meter band and is a great option for those ham radio operators who are new to HF and are looking for affordable means of getting on the air, for those looking for lightweight/compact rigs for camping/backpacking, or for those who just love kit building and are looking for their next project.

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Windows 10 Prolific USB-Serial Driver Issue
September 16,  2015
by: Conrad Nerdahl – WA6KUE

Windows 10, Baofeng, and Chirp

The Windows 10 installation/upgrade includes a newer version of the Prolific USB-Serial driver.  This is the interface driver software that translates many USB to Radio adapters via a Com-Port (for lack of a more complex explanation).

There is one problem.  The newer drivers create a false positive on the serial interface and throw the radio into a transmit mode upon connection to the PC.  This prevents any updates to the radio using Chirp software and forces your radio into an uncontrolled (undesired) transmit state.

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Baofeng UV-5R Documentation Sources

by Rob Mavis AE6GE
April 6, 2014

Baofeng UV-5R Documentation Sources

Do you own one of the Chinese made Baofeng UV-5R handhelds and find it difficult to program? Below is a list of a few sources for documentation for the UV-5R:

ICOM Showcases it’s New IC-7100 at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012

August 25, 2012 

Showcasing at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012, the Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Transceiver

Icom Inc. have shown a new sample of a revolutionary HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Mobile Transceiver with touch screen control called the IC-7100 at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012.

The IC-7100 is a HF+6m+VHF+UHF all mode compact radio with an innovative slanted touch-screen LCD controller. A first for an Icom transceiver, the IC-7100 is designed to the 70MHz band in European versions where 70MHz is open to Amateur radio enthusiasts. To maintain its commitment to D-STAR, all versions of the IC-7100 will come with standard D-STAR DV mode.

Since the launch of the original IC-706 in 1995, Icom has been leading the market of HF/VHF/UHF multi-band mobile radios. The popularity of vehicular mounted amateur radios may not be as high as the times of the IC-706 series, but the IC-7100 has been carefully designed to reignite Amateurs’ interest in mobile communications and brings digital communication opportunity to a wider range of radio Amateurs.

Planned Features include:

  • Slanted front separated controller with large touch screen dot matrix LCD (controller cannot be attached to body front)
  • Speaker is self contained inside the controller
  • Full mode (SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY decode) and D-STAR DV
  • HF (100W) / 50MHz (100W) / 70MHz (50W) / 144MHz (50W) / 430MHz (35W) (Note: Power may be different according to version. The 70MHz band is available for some versions only)
  • Lower current consumption / cooler operation (compared with the IC-7000)
  • SWR meter function also works for VHF and UHF bands
  • Remote power on / off
  • IF DSP for filtering / interference removal / noise reduction
  • SD memory card slot, voice recording
  • USB Audio In / Out, remote control
  • +/- 0.5ppm frequency stability
  • 505ch memory channels

Further details about its features and options have been made available on a Pre-release product information sheet. The IC-7100 Pre-release information can be downloaded on this page.

A high resolution picture of the IC-7100 can be downloaded from our image bank. Click here to enter our image bank.

At the moment we do not have any information about release date or price but please stay tuned to for more official details.

Icom Marketing:

Click to view the pre-release marketing information for the IC-7100.

Yaesu’s Amateur Radio Division Breaks with Motorola
December 28, 2011 

Yaesu’s Amateur Radio Division Breaks with Motorola, Changes Name to Yaesu Musen

After four years under the Motorola umbrella, Yaesu has split from that company. According to Vertex Standard President and Chief Executive Officer Jun Hasegawa, effective January1, 2012, Motorola will keep the Vertex Standard Land-Mobile Division, while the amateur, marine and air-band will be under the Yaesu Musen banner. The new company will be known as Yaesu USA here in the US.

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Alinco’s New DJ-G29 HT is available!

December 24, 2011

Alinco DJ-G29 222/902MHz Dual-band HT is available!

The new Alinco DJ-G29 HS is now selling at AES, Ham Radio Outlet and Universal Radio. The $329.99 to $349.99 price tag is a little steep for a dual-band hand held.

DJ-G29 Features Include:

  • 222MHz 5/2/0.8/0.3W, 902MHz 2.5/0.8/0.3W max output with a standard Li-ion pack.
  • Selectable full duplex system allows operation of main band and sub (Receive-only) band simultaneously
  • Independent dials for main and sub band
  • Rugged polycarbonate body resists dirt and dust
  • High-grade water-resistant materials compatible to IPX7
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Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention
May 24, 2011

Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention

Here’s an announcement that didn’t get a whole lot of attention at this year’s Dayton Hamvention: Alinco was soliciting opinions and suggestions for their new DJ-G29T handheld which covers two of the most rarely-used amateur bands: 220 MHz and 902 MHz.

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Icom Announces new IC-7410 HF/50MHz Transceiver

Icom proudly announces the debut of the new HF/50MHz transceiver IC-7410. The IC-7410 has been designed as an HF/50MHz specialized rig with excellent performance and features in this category. The IC-7410 employs high grade DSP unit and double conversion super-heterodyne system developed from the latest technology used in our higher grade rigs such as the IC-7800/7700/7600 series. In addition, the IC-7410 comes with a built-in 15kHz 1st IF filter and can accept up to two optional filters (3kHz/6kHz). When used with these 1st IF filters, narrow mode signals such as the CW and SSB modes are protected from adjacent strong signals.

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