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Dishtronix Purchases TEN-TEC Assets

, an electronics design and manufacturing company, has purchased the assets of Amateur Radio equipment manufacturer TEN-TEC from RKR Designs. The company, headquartered in Bellefontaine, Ohio, manufactures and, among other things, makes and markets the “Prometheus” solid-state Amateur Radio amplifier. No formal announcement has been made by either company, and details of the purchase are still being finalized. RKR Designs announced last April 2 that it had acquired the assets of TEN-TEC and Alpha Amplifiers from RF Concepts, less than 1 year after the two lines had merged under the RF Concepts in an asset sale. Dishtronix owner Steven M. “Mike” Dishop, N8WFF, told ARRL that, while TEN-TEC has had different owners over the years, he is in it for the long haul.

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Yaesu FT-991 to be Released at HAM FAIR 2014
August 22, 2014

Yaesu FT-991 to be Released at Tokyo HAM FAIR 2014

Yaesu FT-991 - photo courtesy of
Yaesu FT-991 – photo courtesy of

We have been seeing the following specifications for what seems to Yaesu’s latest All-mode HF rig coming to the market. Here is the information we have been able to glean from the internet:

We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new product, The FT-991 HF/50MHz/VHF/UHF Base Station Transceiver. The Yaesu FT-991 Transceiver is capable of operating SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet and System Fusion C4FMDigital. The legendary tradition of Yaesu design is a legacy of excellence established decades ago, providing quality, stability and durability. The Yaesu FT-991 is designed for the most competitive operating situations, with a suite of new features to’enhance the experience. Whether you primarily operate at home, mobile or in the field, the FT-991 will provide outstanding fundamental performance and an inviting expansion into a full featured base station.

Please refer below for more information on the features of the new FT-991. We will release the new FT-991 at the Tokyo HAM FAIR in 2014.

Radio Features;

  • 160 Meters through 70 Centimeters – SSB/CW/FM/C4FM Digital/AM/RTTY/PSK
  • 100 Watts (2 Meter / 70 Centimeter: 50 Watts) of Solid Performance
  • 3.5 inch TFT Full-Color Touch Panel Operation for Superior Operability and Visibility
  • High Speed Spectrum Scope with ASC (Automatic Spectrum-Scope Control) built-in
  • Roofing Filter 3 kHz and 15 kHz
  • High Accuracy TCXO ±0.5 ppm and high resolution DDS and PLL local oscillator
  • 32-bit High Speed Floating Point IF DSP
  • IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT provides great QRM Rejection
  • CONTOUR, DNR, IF Notch and APF (Audio Peak Filter, CW only)
  • 160 – 6 Meters High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner included

ICOM Showcases it’s New IC-7100 at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012

August 25, 2012 

Showcasing at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012, the Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Transceiver

Icom Inc. have shown a new sample of a revolutionary HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Mobile Transceiver with touch screen control called the IC-7100 at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012.

The IC-7100 is a HF+6m+VHF+UHF all mode compact radio with an innovative slanted touch-screen LCD controller. A first for an Icom transceiver, the IC-7100 is designed to the 70MHz band in European versions where 70MHz is open to Amateur radio enthusiasts. To maintain its commitment to D-STAR, all versions of the IC-7100 will come with standard D-STAR DV mode.

Since the launch of the original IC-706 in 1995, Icom has been leading the market of HF/VHF/UHF multi-band mobile radios. The popularity of vehicular mounted amateur radios may not be as high as the times of the IC-706 series, but the IC-7100 has been carefully designed to reignite Amateurs’ interest in mobile communications and brings digital communication opportunity to a wider range of radio Amateurs.

Planned Features include:

  • Slanted front separated controller with large touch screen dot matrix LCD (controller cannot be attached to body front)
  • Speaker is self contained inside the controller
  • Full mode (SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY decode) and D-STAR DV
  • HF (100W) / 50MHz (100W) / 70MHz (50W) / 144MHz (50W) / 430MHz (35W) (Note: Power may be different according to version. The 70MHz band is available for some versions only)
  • Lower current consumption / cooler operation (compared with the IC-7000)
  • SWR meter function also works for VHF and UHF bands
  • Remote power on / off
  • IF DSP for filtering / interference removal / noise reduction
  • SD memory card slot, voice recording
  • USB Audio In / Out, remote control
  • +/- 0.5ppm frequency stability
  • 505ch memory channels

Further details about its features and options have been made available on a Pre-release product information sheet. The IC-7100 Pre-release information can be downloaded on this page.

A high resolution picture of the IC-7100 can be downloaded from our image bank. Click here to enter our image bank.

At the moment we do not have any information about release date or price but please stay tuned to for more official details.

Icom Marketing:

Click to view the pre-release marketing information for the IC-7100.

Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention
May 24, 2011

Alinco announces new 220/902 MHz HT at Dayton Hamvention

Here’s an announcement that didn’t get a whole lot of attention at this year’s Dayton Hamvention: Alinco was soliciting opinions and suggestions for their new DJ-G29T handheld which covers two of the most rarely-used amateur bands: 220 MHz and 902 MHz.

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Legendary R-390 Donated to Iowa Collins Museum

Eastern Iowa Business
by: Dave Dewitte/SourceMedia Group News
August 6, 2010 by

Legendary spy radio donated back to Rockwell Collins

This Collins R-390 HF reciever has been donated to the Rockwell Collins museum by Sentinal Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association

CEDAR RAPIDS  – An unheralded group of Vietnam War-era Army signals intelligence officers took a step into the daylight Friday to donate one of their favorite radios back to its manufacturer.

The 265th Radio Research Company used many radios in their service in Vietnam from 1967 to 1972, but the R-390A HF (high-frequency) receiver they donated to the Rockwell Collins museum was something special, they said.

“This has been a workhorse,” said Doug Bonnot of Jonesboro, Tenn., the president of the Radio Research Company Veteran Group .

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444.725 High Level CARP Repeater Offline

Over the weekend the CARP High Level repeater on 444.725 suffered an equipment failure. Rob Mavis (AE6GE) and Patrick May (KI6QOH) went to the site to assess the problem with the repeater not transmitting, but was receiving just fine. Upon opening up the repeater a failed resistor in the PA was located. The PA was removed from the repeater and brought back down to Clovis for repair and testing. The repeater should be back up fairly soon.

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