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Wisconsin Amateur Radio Buffs Help Out in Disaster

by Emily Kaiser, Lee Newspapers
LaCrosse Tribune, LaCrosse Wisconsin

As multiple agencies, the Red Cross and people searching for lost loved ones try to communicate, the Winona Amateur Radio Club was on the scene assisting with the connections.

Club member Lens Litvan said 15 to 18 ham radio operators had been running an emergency network since 11 p.m.

“We have placed amateur radio operators at key points with key people in the agencies,” he said. “We are providing backup and bridge communication.”

Radio operators work by shadowing the people in charge and transmitting information between agencies that might not have an easy way to communicate.
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Hams Thrive in the Cell Phone Era

Have Radio, Will Talk – Hams have been around for 100 years and thrive in the cell phone Era

by Josie Huang, Staff Writer
Portland Press Herald – Maine Sunday Telegram

David Wood supposes he could make new friends by entering a chat room or signing up for MySpace.

But why do that when he can send a radio signal to the outer limits of the atmosphere so it bounces back to somebody living on the other side of earth.

Giving out his call signal “KB1FGF” — “Kilo bravo one fox golf fox,” he says for clarification’s sake, Wood is apt to get a response from someone in a matter of minutes.
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Clovis CERT Training Classes Begin July 24

Clovis Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Class

CERT Training is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Because emergency services personnel will not be able to help everyone immediately, you can make a difference by using the training to save lives and protect property.

This training covers basic skills that are important to know in a disaster when emergency services are not available. With training and practice and by working as a team, you will be able to do the greatest good for the greatest number after a disaster, while protecting yourself from becoming a victim.

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Fresno County ARES and RACES Join Forces

The Fresno County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and Fresno County RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) organizations have joined forces. Although ARES and RACES are separate entities, members now can have dual membership and provide greater flexibilty during emergencies. Using the same operators and the same frequencies, an ARES group also enrolled in RACES can “switch hats” from ARES to RACES or from RACES to ARES to meet the requirements of the situation as it develops. For example, during a “nondeclared emergency,” ARES can operate under ARES, but when an emergency or disaster is officially declared by a state or federal authority, the operation can become RACES with no change in personnel or frequencies.

A joint weekly net is held every Monday night at 19:30 hours on the N6HEW Repeater (147.150 + 141.3).Packet radio is up during the net on 145.030 and sign on to AC6WS-1.


All Fresno County hams are encouraged to participate if they have a desire to serve the community and a willingness to become proficient in emergency communications. If you have a question or would like to join Fresno County ARES/RACES, you may call:

Fresno County Emergency Coordinator (EC) -Dan Pruitt AE6SX 559-779-2974
Fresno County RACES Officer – Glen Caine N6HEW 559-292-4611

Redding Emergency Drill – The Redding Pilot

CERT: Emergency sheltering drill enhances Redding volunteers’ skills

Bright blue cots in precise rows dotted Joel Barlow High School’s gym, while people in caps and day-glow yellow vests scurried about. Outside, a hazardous materials decontamination unit and a trailer with accommodations for pets hosted occasional visitors in the front parking lot during the Community Emergency Response Team sheltering drill Saturday morning.

Greeters in CERTS (Community Emergency Response Team) hats and vests waited outside to give directions to visitors. A cheery welcome committee waited just inside the school doors to check in those needing assistance. Two information officers, First Selectman Natalie Ketcham and Jane Hamilton Merritt, were on hand, rounding up stray reporters.
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Ready and Reliable – When All Else Fails

by Larry Gierer
Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus GA
When other means fail, ham radios get the message through

There might be a day when everything fails.

Telephone lines become spark-spewing snakes dancing on the pavement. Cell phone towers are reduced to tall, useless eyesores. Transformers boom like drums in Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

Everything becomes quiet, dark.

But not all would be lost in the storm.

“There will still be the ham radio operators,” Chance Corbett says.

Thank goodness for that.

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Governor is 1 of Maine’s 4,000 hams

by The Associated Press
Bangor Daily News

AUGUSTA – Just in case disaster strikes, the governor’s at the ready with his radio.

To other amateur radio operators, or hams, he’s KBI-NXP. To everyone else, he’s Maine Gov. John Baldacci.

Baldacci said he was inspired to go for his federal amateur radio operator’s license when he observed the important role hams could play in January 1998 when Maine was wracked by disaster.

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Ham Radio Operators Stand Ready – Just in Case

By Sarah AuBuchon
Suburban Journals –
St. Louis, MO

Picture this: A massive tornado touches down in Jefferson County, whipping its way through Cedar Hill, Hillsboro, Festus and Crystal City. Power lines are down for miles and cell phone towers crumble in its path. Police and fire departments radios are off the air. Jefferson County Emergency Services Director Brian Counsell declares a state of emergency.

Enter the amateur, or “ham,” radio operator.

Members of the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club have developed a plan to aid emergency services in the event of a disaster.

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Ham Radio to Supplement Storm Communications

by Tim Donnelly
Beaufort Gazette,
Beaufort SC

While professional, state-of-the-art equipment will take center stage during the area’s recovery from a hurricane, an old hobbyist pastime just might come to the rescue if all else fails.

Hilton Head Island is joining a growing disaster preparation trend by installing amateur radios to use as a backup system if the multitude of other communications systems is knocked by a storm.

It’s the same system — ham radio — hobbyists around the world have used to talk to each other for almost 100 years. It’s also the same one that helped relay distress signals and emergency information during Hurricane Katrina and other disasters while other lines were down or jammed.

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Office of Emergency Management Deputizes Hams

Arlington OEM Deputizes Ham Radio Group to Assist with Emergency Communications
Feb 15, 2007 News Release
Government Technology Magazine online

Twenty-five volunteers have graduated from a year-long course of weekly radio communications exercises and stand ready to assist Arlington County Government with crisis communications and response.

The local Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) volunteers have received their RACES certificates of graduation from Arlington’s Office of Emergency Management. The certificates qualify them to help in emergency situations such as weather catastrophes and terrorist attacks.

Each graduate passed a County-authorized character/background check, attended emergency communications classes developed specifically for Arlington County volunteers and participated in regular weekly radio communications exercises managed by the OEM Emergency Support Function team. After more than fifty weeks of exercises, the group has achieved the first level of competence required. Additional training and exercises are required to maintain active Arlington RACES affiliation.

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