CARP Club Contest Contenders

The results are in! ARRL September 2017 VHF/UHF contest results show CARP club members earning significant scores in three different categories. With almost 500 submitted logs for this particular contest, the CARP club members scored quite well against the competition from around the country, Canada too.

W6KKO Single Op Portable

Ron Hunt (N6MTS) scored 76,320 points in the Classic Rover category. He used the callsign N6MTS/R during the exchange to identify his category. Ron worked multiple grid squares and a variety of frequencies from six meters to 24 GHz earning a position of third overall.

Rob Mavis (AE6GE) scored 48,246 points in the Unlimited Multioperator category from DM06. Rob worked in unison with Pat Fennacy (W6YEP) both using the callsign W6TV. Together they also worked a variety of frequencies from six meters to 24 GHz earning a position of fourth overall.

Rick Tyburski (W6KKO) scored 5,310 points in the Single Operator Portable category, which is limited to 10 watts or less. Rick worked the contest from the DM06 grid square using five bands from six meters to 33 cm earning third overall. With only 10 watts, the secret is having an 8000 foot antenna height. Try getting a city permit for that!

W6TV and W6KKO were also the Pacific Division winners in their respective categories.

Some additional local valley residents also worked this contest and submitted results for scoring. John Morrice (K6MI/R) scored 93,786 points in the Unlimited Rover Category, with Dave Smith (W6TE/R) right behind him at 74,664 points in the same category. Both were significant scores nationally for this contest.

Contesting takes some effort, but the experience provides an education. Are you interested in VHF/UHF contesting? Any of these contesters would be happy to share their experiences. Get a head start or figure it out yourself from the ground up. All competition is welcome.