California AB-1222 ammended to exclude Specialized Mobile Radio Devices from Current Law

With the passing of California AB-1785 there has been a lot of confusion and concern that use of amateur radio devices in a mobile setting was now outlawed.

Existing law makes it a crime to drive a motor vehicle while holding and operating a handheld wireless telephone or electronic wireless communications device, as specified. Existing law defines an electronic wireless communications device as including, but not limited to, a broadband personal communication device, a specialized mobile radio device, a handheld device or laptop computer with mobile data access, a pager, or a two-way messaging device.

Recently California Assembly Bill 1222, introduced by Assembly Member Quirk, was amended in Assembly on April 17, 2017 that looks to allow for use of mobile commercial radio systems.

This bill would remove a specialized mobile radio device and a two-way messaging device from the list of devices specifically included as an electronic wireless communications device.

Specialize Mobile Radio device

The Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) service is defined by 47 CFR, Part 90. and utilizes the 800/900 MHz spectrum.

Two-way Messaging device

Two-way messaging device is a vague term and open to much interpretation by the public and authorities. One could argue that texting is using a two-way messaging device.

Again just was when the original Bill was passed, it looks like non-technical, legislators and staff that have no real knowledge of the basic technical aspects of radio are writing these laws.

Text of the Bill can be viewed here: