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The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers (CARP) hosts transmitter hunts regularly in the Central Valley.  CARP membership is not a requirement to join in on the fun, but a radio tuned to the main hunt TX frequency of 146.565 MHz is. Please note that the fox/transmitter must not be on private property.

Upcoming Transmitter Hunt Dates

– Hunt is typically last Saturday of all odd months. Exceptions may occur.

– Please arrive early to check in for the CARP Saturday hunts

– Please use and monitor the K6ARP 2m repeater during the hunt for voice communication and hints if needed.

Next Fox Hunt
Saturday March 30, 2019
10:00 AM

Fox: TBA
Start location: Cancelled
Details: TBA
Future Saturday Hunt Dates :  
May 25
July 27
September 28
November 9

    September T-Hunt Re-Cap

    Due to a week signal the starting point was changed to Mckinley and 168. Once vehicles started to caravan to the new start point Rick (W6KKO) had to peal off due to a phone call. John (K6MI), unbeknownst to Rick, followed him from the starting point. However, when Rick pulled into his house in NE Clovis and closed his garage, John realized he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. With three teams at McKinley and 168, and John at Fowler and Shields, the fox Mike (KG6MSV) decided to start. The hide location was the Winery Ave. pedestrian bridge over Hwy 180. First to find was Marty (K6KTP), second was Ron (N6MTS), followed by John (K6MI). With three hunters at the finish, TOM (N6MQG), used all of his officer safety training and decided to cut his losses and refused to follow the signal into the ghetto. Fun hunt. 

    Mike H. (KG6MSV)

    The next transmitter hunt will take place Saturday, Nov. 10 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM during the F.A.R.C. swapmeet. The location is Lion Automotive on the S.E. corner of Gettysburg and Clovis Ave. 2944 Phillip Ave., Clovis, CA 93612. The swap opens for buyers at 8:00 AM. This is a casual on foot T-Hunt during the F.A.R.C swapmeet. It will allow you to test your equipment and close-in hunting skills. 

    The transmitters will be on 146.565 MHz and or 144.565 MHz. There will be two low power transmitters in the general area and each will have a distinct tone. Use this hunt for practicing your close in skill. Leave the transmitters where you find them so that others can participate.

    I also want to announce that Mike Herlihy (KG6MSV) will be the new T-Hunt coordinator. As the fox, Mike has put on some legendary hunts in the past. 

    Click here to read the complete hunt recap

Central Valley T-Hunters Forum

This forum is available for other central California clubs to post their sponsored T-Hunt events. Many T-Hunters from various clubs use this to stay up-to-date.

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