Ham Operators Track Storms in Georgia

by Ken Stanford Editor
January 11, 2011

‘Hams’ play big part in tracking storms

GAINESVILLE – Ham radio operaors play a key role in many places in Georgia when events such as the snowstorm occur.

Hall County relies on a network of more than 30 amateur radio operators in times like these, according to fire chief David Kimbrell, who also serves as the county’s Emergency Management Agency director.

“There are 36 spotters located throughout the county with amateur radios (who) are keeping us abreast of the weather conditions,” Kimbrell said. “They’ve been around a long time and they’re just becoming more and more and more of a resource.”

Kimbrell says the “hams” feed information from individual locations to Hall Countys’ Emergency Operations Center, helping track a storm all the way through the county.

Kimbrell added they were instrumental in helping track Sunday night’s snowstorm. They alerted the Emergency Operations Center when the snow started in South Hall and relaying messages as it began in other places.