2010 CARP Bonehead Award Winner

2010 CARP Bonehead Award Winner

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers (CARP) perpetual Bonehead Award is given to the individual who commits a not-so-smart or dumb act in relation to amateur radio.

During a Transmitter Hunt we find this years recipients.

A team of T-Hunt enthusiasts were the fox (the hidden transmitter) for the hunt. The team spent weeks reviewing maps and checking locations for a good hiding spot for the event. The day of the hunt the team drove to the location and began to set up. Rob AE6GE connected the coax to the beam antenna, attached it to the mast, mounted it to the truck and aimed it in the desired location. All the while Dave NI6M was getting set up in the cab of the truck.

Time came to start the hunt. Rob telephoned the start point asking if all hunters were ready. With an afirmative report, Rob instructed Dave to go on the air.

Dave immediately began transmitting. The report from the start point was they could not hear the fox. Rob immediately began adjusting the direction of the beam to make sure the signal was directed properly.

Again Rob asked if they could hear it at the start point. “No” was the reponse.

“What do you mean you can’t hear it?, Rob exclaimed.

Frantically Rob began checking the setup:

Antenna is pointed the correct direction? Check.

Matching network of the antenna is intact? Check.

Coax is connected to the antenna? Check.

Rob then followed the feedline down the mast and along the ground to the door of the truck.

The other end of the coax was laying onthe ground below the passenger door.

Rob picked up the coax and showed it to Dave, who was transmitting on the radio.

Dave immediately un-keyed and expletive-deletives were exchanged. The coax was connected to the radio and the hunt was on.

The winner of the 2010 CARP Bonehead award is both Dave  and Rob for attempting to use a wireless antenna for a T-Hunt!