CARP Field Day Tower Setup

Well, there were several folks that were saddened by the cancelling of the Fresno Amateur Radio Club Field Day this year in Clovis.  But with the temperatures predicted to be well up in the 100s, nobody was excited about all the work necessary to setup the event and then have few people show up, just to sweat.  Perhaps FARC will rethink the plan for next year, hoping the heat may not be a factor.

But with all the concern about a field day site, the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers planned on having their Field Day Event at the Pine Ridge School, at an elevation of 4500 feet (yes, right where FARC used to have theirs several years ago).  That was probably a good decision because the temperatures at that location proved to be about 12 degrees cooler than the valley floor in Clovis.  But the last minute cancelling the FARC event, also meant that the reserved portable tower trailer now became available for use by the CARP club.  So at the last minute the trailer was towed up the hill to the Pine Ridge School and setup for the  CARP Field Day event.

After several different position tries, the tower trailer was finally positioned and leveled at the one and only place at Pine Ridge that it would fit.  Even at that we had to rotate the antennas so they could be elevated past the school flag poles, but it worked.  The tower was equipped with 2 yagi antennas.  The top antenna was a Crushcraft A3 (for 10/15/20 meters) and the bottom antenna was an M2 modified  Force12 40 meter yagi (loaned from the N6MTS home station).

Below are a few pictures of the trailer loading and the site setup.

Here we loaded everything at Ron’s house in Fresno.  Note the large yagi antennas, mostly disassembled and strapped to the sides of the tower for travelling support.

Here the A3 is strapped on the top and the Force12 is strapped on the bottom of the tower.

This handicapped parking pad at Pine Ridge School is about the only level space that we could fit the tower into (also considering the large clearance we needed for the antenna assembly on the ground).

Here is a view of the assembly of the top A3 antenna and mounting it on the mast.  Fortunately the A3 is a light weight antenna.

And here is the addition is the large Force12 to the mast, just prior to elevating the tower.

And here are views of the antennas at full elevation.