W6YDE Gives Coax Connector Soldering Presentation

Mike W6YDE talking about his massive soldering iron

At the February CARP meeting Mike W6YDE gave a presentation on his method for soldering PL-259 connectors. The presentation included a demonstration where Mike walked through the process of installing a PL-259 connector on a piece of LMR-400 cable. The talk included a wealth of information from his experience and knowledge.

Attendees looking on and listening intently to Mike’s presentation.

Mike also introduced us to a two-piece solder only style Type N Connector that is similar to the PL-259. Those of you who have had the experience of assembling the traditional crimp or compression style Type N connector know how excited some of us got at the mention of the new simple style connector. While Mike said he obtained the connectors from Dayton Hamvention, I have located a company online that carries them. Max-Gain Systems out of Georgia [http://www.mgs4u.com/RF-adapters.htm], part number i303

Mike covered a lot more than just soldering connectors.

Mike’s presentation covered much more than just the demonstration of soldering the connector. Other topics covered were tools, solder and coax. He also discussed what tools he used and his reasoning why. Mike also showed off his massive soldering iron and explained the need for mass in the soldering iron for heat transference. He also explained some of the differences in types of coax and gave some pros and cons of them.

Thanks Mike for an excellent interesting and informative presentation!