Transmitter Hunt – Saturday January 14, 2012

CARP Transmitter Hunt Saturday January 14, 2012

Come on out to the T-Hunt, we always have a lot of fun.  Remember the more you hunt, the better you will get!

Hunt Frequency will be 146.565 MHz. We will be starting at the park and ride at Highway 41 and 145. Duane KI6QEL will be the fox for the hunt and will be hidden somewhere within a radius of 10 miles of the start point. The hunt will start at 10:00am so arrive early to sign in.

Don’t worry if you you don’t have all that fancy t-hunt gear because, we have implemented a classification system to help level the playing field.:

  1. Hunt on the Move (Vehicle mounted beams doppler systems)
  2. Stop and Take Bearing (hand held beams, etc.)
  3. Basic System (HT only, body fade, etc)

Come on out and compete for your equipment classification.

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