Transmitter Hunt Recap – August 27, 2014
by Rob Mavis
August 29, 2014

Evening Transmitter Hunt Recap – August 27, 2014

An evening transmitter hunt was held August 27 by the CARP Central Valley Transmitter Hunters. I, Rob Mavis AE6GE, was the fox for the hunt.

The hidden transmitter consisted of an HT set to 1.5 watts, controlled and modulated with a Byonics PicCon and a M² 2M3 four element beam. The beam was attached to a piece of PVC pipe stuck into the ground so that it was only a few inched off the ground and vertically polarized. The beam was pointed north parallel to a chain-link fence (the start point was to the east.). Due to the proximity to the ground, the chain-link fence and the numerous fences around the park, high school an ponding basin, the hunters had to be seeing many signal reflections.
The hunt stated at 7:45pm, just as the sun was setting. There were no lights in the park itself, but light from the surrounding properties provided little usable light in the park. I set up a camp chair across the park behind a large pine tree to sit back and enjoy the event.

The first team to arrive was Mike KG6MSV and Travis KK6OEK. As mike was using his Aussie sniffer he spotted me but true to form he followed his equipment and found the transmitter.
The second team to arrive the park was Mike KD6LDA and Drew K6DTL. They spotted me and walked over. I said to them “you still have to find the transmitter.” After scouring the area and around where I was sitting and some antennas being poked into some inappropriate areas, they were eventually able to follow the signal across the park and find the transmitter. However, while they were searching for the transmitter in the park, the third team Ron N6MTS and Ken Holden, were able to find the transmitter before them.

While their wives stayed in the truck Ron and Ken, also using an Aussie sniffer, after chasing a couple reflections, also walked right up to the transmitter.

The fourth team to arrive was John K6MI and Erik NI6G. As the growing group of hunters chatted, someone spotted a couple silhouettes across the park, on the other side of the fence, behind the Save Mart shopping center. They were standing at the fence sweeping a quad antenna taking a bearing. Soon they made their way around the block and came into the park. They too were able to, after chasing a few reflections, were able to use their Aussie sniffer to walk up to the transmitter.

The fifth and final team to arrive was Rick W6KKO. After being plagued with chasing reflections he was able to locate the park the transmitter was hidden in.

The group then relocated to a nearby Baskin Robbins for a well-earned ice cream reward.
As with most my hunts, this was ultimately scored by mileage with time recorded in case of a tie. The transmitter was 3 miles, nearly due west from the start point in the parking lot of Letterman Park in Clovis The shortest route according to Google Maps was north on Villa and west on Bullard, total of 3.5 miles. Mike Herlihy KG6MSV and Travis Phillips KK6OEK wins the hunt having driven only 4.5 miles.

Complete Results of the August 27, 2014 Transmitter Hunt.

  1. Mike Herlihy KG6MSV and Travis Phillips KK6OEK 25 minutes 4.5mi
  2. Ron Hunt N6MTs, Ken Holden WA6IOB, Gwynne Holden WA6VZM and Lisa Hunt 35 minutes 10.4 mi
  3. Mike Cederquist KD6lDA and Drew Baker K6DTL 35.1 minutes 6.2mi
  4. John Morrice K6MI and Erik Scott NI6G 1 hr, 10 minutes 9mi
  5. Rick Tyburski W6KKO 1 hr, 23 minutes 20 miles

Thank you all that participated in the hunt, hope to see you at the next one.