T-Hunt Re-cap July 16

Start Point: Hwy 180 & McCall
End Point: Tollhouse & Lodge Road (Sierra Elementary School Lot)
Shortest Route: 27 miles (approx.)
Number of Teams: 4
Fox: Marty (K6KTP) & Dave (NQ6S)
Number of TX: 1

The central valley hunters were back at it again on July 16. An early start at 10:00 AM kept the heat at bay for a while. Four teams made the effort this round, and around and around they went at the start point. Mike (KG6MSV) was able to break away at the starting location and kept the lead. He was the first to arrive with a 45 minute travel time. Next to find the fox was Rick (W6KKO) after a 95 minute duration. The next to arrive was John (K6MI) at three hours and 25 minutes, with Ron (N6MTS) just five minutes behind John.

A short discussion of “what if” and “almost” was followed up with some well needed food and beverages. Norm (WB6LLW) met with the group as we were in his neck of the woods. Of course the ever present voice of direction (YEP) called out bearings to provide a hint to the teams.

The fox for the next hunt, Mike (KG6MSV), has asked that the hunters advise on the difficulty level for the upcoming hunt on Saturday, September 17. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being very difficult, send an email to rick@w6kko.com with your level number. The results will be passed along to the fox.