SK – John McGraw AE6QR 1935-2013

John McGraw AE6QR 19352013

SK – John McGraw AE6QR 1935-2013

John Anthony McGraw – AE6QR, 78, of Fresno became a Silent Key Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

John was a fixture at many amateur radio groups around the Clovis/Fresno Area. As a member he attended the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers club meetings and when not assisting with Public Service events, was often heard telling stories of his adventures as a charter bus driver.

John AE6QR was involved with EMCOMM

At the Fresno Amateur Radio Club he was a Board of Directors member and was always to be found hustling members to purchase drawing tickets for the club drawings.

John was also a member of the Fresno ARES/RACES and SATERN groups.


April 20, 2013 Fresno Bee Obituary


Remembrance by from the Fresno ARES Website:

John was a member of ARES when the group met in the backroom of Perko’s Restaurant on Bullard (also gone).  John believed in Amateur Radio Emergency Service and along with Paul Heinz, AE6QP-SK, Kathy Laskey, KE6KSD, Kieth Harter, WB6CXX-SK, Bob Airhart, W6RTS (recovering from stroke) and myself, we began laying the foundation for EmComm in Fresno County about 2004.  Working on fundamentals and networking in the valley, John and I shared membership on the Fresno ARC Board of Directors.

As a dedicated member of the Fresno Club and Clovis Club, John supported the Clubs and ARES by attending almost every meeting.  He and a group of blue-collar hams held court at The Fresno Club Cedar Lanes location, until most were SK.  His most notable position was selling raffle tickets and taking responsibility of the drawing of raffle prizes at each meeting.  He became so proficient, his notoriety drafted him into the position at Hamfests and other Clubs in the area.

John was not a DXer, contester or collector.  He was filled with a good heart and good stories.  He also was very deeply proud of being part of SATERN and enjoyed helping where he could.

John and I never discussed signing off for the last time, but as his spark passes to Glory I am proud to have known him and called him my friend and a Ham.

-Dan AE6SX