Sample Letter and Information – HR 607

Sample Letter and Information – HR 607

The ARRL has prepared a sample letter for you to use when contacting your Representative in the US House asking them to oppose HR 607

Download the sample letter here

After downloading the letter, you should personalize it to include the name and address of your representative at the top and your personal contact information at the bottom.

Find your Representative’s contact information here.

Once you have finished editing your letter, please remember to sign it!

After signing the letter, we request that you send it our Washington representative at Chwat & Co. This allows your letter to be hand-delivered to the appropriate legislative offices without a lengthy delay. It takes between 6 and 8 weeks for letters mailed through the regular US mail to clear secuirty screening off-site before being delivered to Congressional office.

You can find the contact information for sending your letter to Chwat & Co. here.