Ronald Regan Special Event Station

Ventura County Star
by: Peter Heins, Ventura County Amateur Radio Society
February 11, 2011

Ventura County Amateur Radio Society Honors Ronald Regan’s 100th Birthday with Special Event Station

Local amateur radio operators, “hams,” belonging to the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society and Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club recently participated in the celebration of President Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday by conducting two-way special amateur radio communications from Feb. 5-7.

Special events amateur radio call sign, “N6R”, was used by almost one dozen hams in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley to enable amateur radio operators throughout the United States, Canada, and 20 other countries to transmit greetings and congratulations for the celebration of President Reagan’s 100th birthday and the renovation of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum as well as to have the personal satisfaction with having talked with N6R.

Hams from Canada, several Latin American countries, Japan, China, the Russian Federation and others were anxious to speak with N6R. The specially issued Federal Communications call sign, N6R, symbolizes Nancy Reagan, the FCC’s sixth call sign area of California and President Ronald Reagan.

During the three days of activity, almost 2,100 licensed amateur radio operators communicated with N6R to pass along their appreciation for President Reagan’s legacy as well as to participate in the centennial celebration.

Several communicators relayed personal reminiscences and prior association with President Ronald Reagan in his younger years. Each ham who established two-way communications with the one of special events station facilities is eligible to receive a special post card or “QSL card” as a complete record of their contact and as a souvenir of the centennial.

– Peter Heins,

Ventura County Amateur Radio Society,

Thousand Oaks