Sanger Blossom Trail March 7, 2015 – Comms Needed

 Sanger Blossom Trail 2015 – Communications Volunteers Needed

Sanger Blossom Trail 10K Walk/Run

Saturday March 7, 2015. Time: Approx. 7:00am to 11:00am

To provide health and safety communications between water stations, observation posts, and event coordinator.

Manpower needed:
15+ communications volunteers.

Contact Rob Mavis for more details and if you wish to volunteer. Sign up online by clicking: Sanger Blossom Trail Comm Volunteer Signup form.

Rob Mavis AE6GE – 559-272-6791 or

K1N Navassa Island DXpedition on the Air Soon
December 30, 2014

From The KP1-5 project
RE: K1N Navassa Island DXpedition

It is now about four weeks before K1N goes on the air. The exact date of departure from the staging area will be dependent upon a combination of the date U.S. FWS transportation is available and upon weather windows. It is looking like K1N will be QRV the first two weeks of February.

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Revised ARRL HF Contesting Guidelines Now Available

December 29, 2014

Revised ARRL HF Contesting Guidelines Now Available

The ARRL HF Contesting Guidelines have been revised, and the latest edition now is available. The latest guidelines, updated by an ARRL Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) team, address changes in technology that have affected contesting in recent years — including remote station operation — and present a current understanding of contesting standards and practices. Some sections also have been rewritten and reorganized to improve readability. George Wagner, K5KG, a member of the CAC team that undertook the update, said the goals of the revised ARRL HF Contesting Guidelines are to provide guidance and advice — especially for new contesters — and to encourage contest operation that advances the spirit and integrity of radiosport. Continue reading

WW1USA Special Event Station Broadcasts from WWI Museum

Kansas City Star
by: Mark Davis
December 28, 2014

WWI Museum and amateur radio broadcasters team up

Radio was emerging as new technology a century ago when World War I erupted across Europe. The events collided again this weekend at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

Dozens of amateur radio operators teamed with the National World War I Museum to operate a special event radio station for 31 hours.

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CARP December 17 T-Hunt Recap
by: Rob Mavis AE6GE

Transmitter Hunt Recap

John K6MI and Erik NI6G conferring over the scores
John K6MI and Erik NI6G conferring over the scores

The evening of Wednesday December 17, 2014 the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers Central Valley T-Hunters gathered at Letterman Park in Clovis, California for a night-time transmitter hunt. There were 5 teams competing in the hunt.

John Morrice K6MI and Erik Scott NI6G, the winners of the November 22, 2014 event, devised a great hunt. They employed some deception and misdirection to hinder and throw the hunters off the fox’s trail.

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2015 Element 3 General Class Question Pool

December 15, 2015

2015 Element 3 General Class Question Pool


The Question Pool Committee of the NCVEC hereby releases into public domain the 2015-2019 General Class, Element 3, Question pool from the Question Pool.

This pool becomes effective for all Element 3 examinations to be  administered on July 1, 2015 and remains valid until June 30,  2019.

The question pool files are available in PDF , Microsoft Word .DOC format, and .TXT format.

Section G7A requires the use of one illustration, a schematic drawing identified as G7-1. This drawing file is published separately and is available in raw JPEG

  • 2015 General Question Pool.doc
  • 2015 General Question Pool.pdf
  • 2015 General Pool.txt
  • 2015 G7-1 Diagram

DX Engineering Acquires Bencher Skyhawk and Skylark Antennas Plus Butternut Antennas
December 6, 2014

DX Engineering Acquires Bencher Skyhawk and Skylark Antennas Plus Butternut Antennas

DX Engineering LogoTallmadge, OH (PRWEB) – For years, Amateur Radio operators have relied on Bencher Antennas and Butternut Antennas for both HF contesting and DXing. Now, the Skyhawk and Skylark antennas, as well as every Butternut antenna model, will be manufactured and sold exclusively by DX Engineering. DX Engineering also carries all the service, repair, and replacement parts required to keep these antennas in good operating condition.

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Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers