CARP After Net Get TogetherThursday, February 21

CARP After-Net Get-Together

The CARP After-Net Get-Togethers have started again! They will be held on the third Thursday of each month right after the CARP net. Feel free to come out, bring yourself, bring your family! You can meet others local hams for some great conversation in this informal setting. Please come join us.

Thursday February 21st, 2008 immediately following the CARP net (~7:30 pm)

This Months Location:
50 W. Bullard #101
Clovis, CA
[South/West corner of Bullard and Minnewawa]

Amateur Radio (HAM) License Plates Update

The State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles, has the following information on their website:

Amateur Radio (HAM) License Plates

These plates are issued, upon request, to holders of Federal Communication Commission (FCC) amateur radio station licenses. The alpha-numeric series reflects the call letters assigned by the FCC Vehicle Code Section 5005 and Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 10751, 10752).
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Titanic Anniersary Special Event

WØS – Special Event Station

The 96th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster


Your club members have been invited to come operate with us in Branson, MO for the 96th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster. Last year our press release hit 111 news wire services around the world in two days. This is an internationally recognized Special Event Station and here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate. Continue reading Titanic Anniersary Special Event

Emergency Preparedness

CARP Emergency Coordinator
Matt Goodwin KG6YLJ

Are you prepared for an emergency at your home? Do you have at least three to five days worth of food and clothing? Do you have camp equipment such as propane stove, heater, etc. Do you have flash lights with fresh batteries, or do you have one of the new types that you just turn a crank on the side to generate electricity? Do you have emergency power for your radio’s, or better yet do you have a generator that is capable of providing enough power for your refrigerator and heating a/c system. Do you have any medications that you must take, if so do you have a supply of these put away. Where you store these supplies depends on you. I suggest you find 55 gallon drums with removable lids so you can store these items in a water tight environment. If you want to look for the long term you might consider enough food, water and clothing to last six months to one year. If you decide this is the way you want to go, I would suggest getting powdered food mixes, bottle water in those big five gallon bottles, Meals Ready to Eat are inexpensive and will keep you alive, although they may not taste very good. Will your pets be properly cared for, i.e. food, medication, etc. You should also keep hand tools in your emergency kit as there may not be any electricity to operate electric tools.
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CARP February Membership Meeting

Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers monthly membership meeting

This month’s meeting will be on Geocaching

Please bring a few bucks as pizza and soda will be provided. After a short presentation we will have a easy fun Geocache hunt on the Clovis City grounds around the Senior Center. There will be prizes for the winning team. Bring your GPS’s and flashlights. Oh, and don’t forget your rain jackets, just in case…

Friday February 1, 2008

Clovis Senior Center – Classroom
850 Fourth Street
Clovis, CA

What to Bring:
-GPS (if you have one)
-Rain Jacket (in case it rains)
-A few bucks for Pizza and Soda

Lou Ann Dansby, KD6WAW
(559) 298-7707

California Amateur Radio License Plates

The following is an email received from the ARRL’s News and information from your Division Director and Section Manager mailing list.

There is a big issue going around California about the way DMV is now issuing call sign license plates. They are putting a space between the number and the suffix, for example, W6 ABC, rather than centering the call sign, for example, W6ABC. If you go back into the history of ham plates in California, you will find that they were issued with a space in them for a 5 character call sign and no space for a 6 character call sign. The space for a 5 character call sign went a way in the 70s or so when the blue and gold plates were issued. Now the space is back, why, who knows?

Anyway, here is a response from our division leadership. Do what you want about contacting your legislators about this. But, they ask that we wait before bombarding them with letters. We will be notified when it is time to start writing. Continue reading California Amateur Radio License Plates

Motorola Completes Tender Offer for Yaesu’s Parent Company


January 16, 2008

On Wednesday, January 16, Motorola, Inc announced that its subsidiary, MI, Inc, has successfully completed its tender offer to acquire a controlling interest in Vertex Standard, parent company of Yaesu. The tender offer period expired on January 15 with approximately 5.4 million shares tendered and accepted. On November 5, 2007, Motorola launched the tender offer, in cooperation with Tokogiken (a privately held Japanese company controlled by Vertex Standard’s president and CEO Jun Hasegawa) with the intention of forming a joint venture to develop and sell Vertex Standard products and develop select Motorola products. All regulatory clearances required for the completion of the transaction have been obtained.

Starting on January 22, Motorola will have a total ownership stake of approximately 78 percent of Vertex Standard on a fully diluted basis (excluding certain stock acquisition rights that are scheduled to be cancelled), following the settlement of the tender offer for approximately 12 billion Yen (almost $112 million US dollars) in cash. Through a subsequent restructuring process, Motorola will own 80 percent of Vertex Standard, while Tokogiken will retain a 20 percent stake.
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Oregon Govenor Allocates $250,000 for Digital Communications

From The ARRL Letter, Vol 27, No 01

January 11, 2008

The State of Oregon’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) received $250,000 from Governor Ted Kulongoski’s Strategic Reserve Fund to further develop and enhance a statewide Amateur Radio digital communications network, announced ARRL Oregon Section Manager Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ.

“This network, the Oregon ARES Digital Network (OADN), already uses a combination of different radio equipment and spectrum segments, computers and the Internet to provide a robust backup communications system in times of disaster. With its enhancements, all Oregon counties will be able to communicate with the state OEM,” she said. “In December, this system proved its usefulness in the storms and floods by utilizing Winlink stations in Lincoln and Clatsop Counties to communicate with OEM. Early in that activation, the OEM’s Amateur Radio Unit found they were not able to keep up with maintaining a complete log of communications when using voice communications, but Winlink activities maintained an automatic log for them.”
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2008 CARP Board of Directors

The new 2008 Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers Board of Directors:

Rob Mavis AE6GE
Vice President:
Darin Land K6OSX
Laura Peeler KI6KRT
Louann Dansby KD6WAW

Board Members:
Jim Nelson W6ALE
Kevin Perry AE6ER
David Dansby NI6M

International DX Convention

The 2008 International DX Convention
This is an ARRL sanctioned convention that is sponsored this year by the Southern California DX Club.

April 25, 26 & 27, 2008

Visalia Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center
9000 W. Airport Drive
Visalia, California 93277

Don Bostrom, N6IC

Amateur Radio in Fresno County and the Central Valley of California