NI6M-2 APRS Digipeater on the air

On Saturday May 3, 2008 David Dansby NI6M and Rob Mavis AE6GE installed an APRS Digipeater at the CARP Mile High repeater site. The Digipeater is operating on the APRS primary Frequency of 144.390 under the callsign NI6M-2. The digipeater consists of an Alinco DR-1200T data radio, and a MFJ 1270C TNC modified to use the latest UIdigi Firmware (1.9B3).

The sites commanding view will allow us to fill the gap in APRS digipeater coverage of the Central valley. This also gives us a future path to install a weather station at the site which can then be accessed from the APRS network as well as the internet.