New Launch Date for Amateur Radio Satellite Delfi-C3

Southgate Amateur Radio Club

The Delfi-C3 team has been informed by its launch broker that the launch of Delfi-C3 has been moved up to December.

The two major factors that have contributed to the postponement of this launch are weather and the Indian launch schedule. The weather effect on the launch is the typhoon season in India, which lasts from half October until December.

The launch schedule is more complicated, but suffice it to say that a certain launching order and priority have been agreed upon and has to be maintained.

With the recent launch of GSLV F04 , carrying INSAT-4CR into orbit, one launch has been completed. The actual launch date will depend on turn-around time of the launch facility and the possibility of another launch preceding PSLV C9, but Delfi-C3 will not be launched before December of this year.

In the meantime the Delfi-C3 team will continue to work on futher testing parts of the satellite and preparing for the operations phase. As soon as more information regarding the launch of Delfi-C3 is available it will be put on the website

Delfi-C3 will be launched into a 630 km 90 degree sun-synchronous orbit from the Indian launch site at Sriharikota and will carry a 70 cm to 2 metre linear transponder for SSB and CW working. The satellite will be in telemetry only mode for approximately the first three months of the mission, after which it will be switched to transponder mode.

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