May 10, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap
by Rick Tyburski W6KKO
May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap

CARP and the Central Valley T-Hunters held a Transmitter Hunt on Saturday May 10th. The start point was at Four Corners Park & Ride (Hwy 41 & 145). Six teams started the hunt around 10:00am.

Using one watt and an Elk log periodic antenna, the fox was at Owens Mountain Parkway, also known as the intersection of Temperance and Alluvial avenues. This location provided the fox with easy access to food, beverages, and bathroom facilities while the hunt was underway. A secondary low power transmitter was also setup on the same frequency making it unfriendly to find when the main fox was transmitting.

With one watt of power and the antenna in a horizontal position, the main fox transmitter played to the skilled hunter with proper equipment. This is where a yagi antenna turned horizontal can make all the difference. The hunt was milage based, so constant stopping helps to prevent overshooting the fox.


Three teams came in within an hour, with the other three eventually coming in much later. Five of the teams were able to find the secondary transmitter, with one giving up after being within a foot of its position.

Congratulations to the team of Ken WA6OIB (Driver) and Ron N6MTS of having driven only 17 miles, as well as arriving first. Well done to the other teams who stuck with it and finished the hunt.

1. Ken Holden WA6OIB & Ron Hunt N6MTS – 17 miles driven
2. Rob Mavis AE6GE – 19 miles driven
3. Michael Cederquist KD6LDA – 22 miles driven
4. Matt Goodwin KJ6YLJ & Greg Goodwin KG6YZN – 32 miles driven
5. John Morrice K6MI – 33 miles driven
6. Mike Herlihy KG6MSV – 46 miles driven

[More photos of the event can be viewed on the Gallery.]