March 8, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap
by: Rob Mavis AE6GE
March 8, 2014

March 8, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap

The Fox at Foothill Elementary School near Prather

CARP and the Central Valley T-Hunters held a Transmitter Hunt on Saturday March 9. This hunt the start point was at Letterman Park in Clovis. Five teams started the hunt at approximately 10:00am.

John K6MI was scheduled to be the fox for the hunt but had a conflict at the last minute, so Rob AE6GE volunteered to be the fox. After a hasty scouring of the map of the area, Rob hid at Foothill Elementary School, just south of Prather. Using a 5-watt transmitter and a 2-meter M2 Eggbeater antenna the fox was hidden down off the backside of one of the baseball diamonds where an active game helped to camouflage the foxes truck. Only one transmitter was used in an attempt to increase the difficulty by not allowing the low power transmitters to give away the location when the hunters got near the fox.

Area Terrain Map

By using low power the signal just barely made it over the two hill tops that were between the fox and the start point.  The hilltops helped to confuse the hunters a bit because almost immediately after the hunters left the start point the signal was lost, forcing the hunters had to rely on their initial bearings to find the signal again. The hill also helped to cause some of the hunters to overshoot the fox and head up the 4-lanes of Highway 168.

Add to that the fact that the signal was circularly polarized also seemed to give some of the hunters some trouble as well. But eventually almost everyone found the fox.

  1. Rick W6KKO – 1 Hour, 17 Minutes (28 miles)
  2. Ron N6MTS / Ken WA6OIB – 1 Hour, 21 Minutes (45 miles)
  3. Mike KD6LDA – 1 Hour, 33 Minutes (51 miles)
  4. Gray WA6BJY – 1 Hour, 47 Minutes (54 miles)
  5. Duane KI6QEL – DNF

Congratulations to Rick W6KKO for not only finding the fox in the shortest amount of time, but also in the shortest miles driven. Duane KI6QEL had a prior obligation as well so he only hunted for the short period of time before he had to leave.

Thanks to all who participated and we will see you all at the next hunt!

W6KKO – First to Find N6MTS and WA6OIB – Second Place KD6LDA – Does he see the fox? KD6LDA – Third to find (he walked over the hill because he didn’t want to drive his Camero down the washed out dirt road)

WA6BJY – Fourth to Find