March 12, 2016 T-Hunt Recap

Start Point: Letterman Park, Clovis
End Point: NE area of Herndon & Academy
Shortest Route: 12 miles (approx.)
Number of Teams: 4
Fox: Mike – KD6LDA
Number of TX: 2 (1 high, 1 low power)

Another fine Saturday morning brought together the greatest T-Hunters in the central California area. With their batteries charged, the four teams beat the bushes and enjoyed another fine T-Hunt. The fox for this hunt was Mike (KD6LDA) who used a yagi antenna on a 10’ pole secured with a tripod. The main T-Hunt radio transmitted about five watts. The smaller low power transmitter used only 15mW and was hidden in some tall grass nearby.

The team of Marty (K6KTP) and Dave (NQ6S) were first to arrive with a reading of 15 miles and a time of 41 minutes. Marty & Dave were using a custom setup of a yagi antenna that is positioned outside of the vehicle on a pole cut through the roof of the truck. With the ability to control the direction by hand, it eliminated any need to make stops along the way in order to take a reading and calculate the transmitter direction. Upon arrival they deployed from the vehicle and located the low power transmitter.

Next to arrive was John (K6MI) who also logged 15 miles to the fox location, but was about three minutes behind the first team. John utilized a handheld directional antenna during his effort.

Taking third place was Ron (N6MTS) and Ken (WA6OIB) with 17 miles logged and a little over two minutes behind K6MI. This team also used handheld yagi antennas to zero in on the fox as the doppler system was intermittent.

Finishing the team totals was Rick (W6KKO) working solo using a combination of a tape measure yagi and an Elk Log Periodic antenna. Rick later found that he drove within 500 feet of the transmitter, but passed it by and kept going. Unfortunately, this left him with the most milage at 31.

The fox was located on a cul-de-sac NE of Herndon & Academy. A few local residents stopped by at the end of the hunt curious about the group of men waving antennas around. The group was happy to share with the couple details of their unusual hobby. The teams later relocated for pizza and shared stories of their triumphs and tribulations.

The next fox hunt is scheduled for May 14. The start time is 10:00 AM. Additional details about the start location can be found on the C.A.R.P. web site once they have been established by Marty (K6KTP) and Dave (NQ6S). We hope to see you then.