Lodi ARC Launches UHF VHF Contest Webpage

The Lodi ARC is sponsoring a website for the area’s VHF UHF contest enthusiast. It’s called the “Nor Cali” vhf uhf contest page and the url is www.n6sjv.org.

The new ARRL Vhf contest rules now allow for “assistance”, regardless of entry category. The Nor Cali page is part EME/Pingjockey style chat and part spotting network but with a specific focus on covering Northern California and the Greater San Joaquin Valley. The site works very well on smart phones and wireless data devices so rovers and remote portable stations should find it very easy to access. Here, self-spotting is encouraged and all radio amateurs are welcome including lurkers. We’re are  fully operational now and for the looking forward to the upcoming June Vhf contest.