Kern County Parks on the Air Event Website

 Amateur Radio operators from Kern County helps celebrate Kern County Parks and Recreation 65 years of……
 Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) will be visiting and operating their radio equipment from Kern county parks and lakes.  Starting April 28 thru July 1, 2017 they will be talking to people over the air waves all thru Kern County.  On July 1st, the anniversary, they will operate a Special event station at (TBA) And invite the public to stop by for a (TBA)
 Attention Clubs and area hams – From April 28 thru July 1st we would like to invite you to join in as we activate 65 Kern County Parks in 65 days.
The rules, check list and destinations are available on the Kern County Parks on the Air website. It doesn’t matter if you have a ht, base or mobile you can join in on the fun.
 For more information: