Katrina 10th Anniversary Mississippi Memorial Event Set


A special event operation from August 26 through September 2 will commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the more than 230 people who lost their lives as a result of Katrina along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and points north.

“Many lost everything they owned and many lost their lives,” said Larry Morgan, AG5Z, who is spearheading the event. “We also want to honor the hundreds of volunteers from all over the country that poured in to assist us in our time of dire need.”

Several stations along the Mississippi coast will use special event K (for Katrina) prefix 1 × 1 call signs. Operation will begin on August 26 at 0000 UTC from home stations. On August 29 at 1300 — the time of Katrina’s impact — all stations will reduce power to 100 W, except for bonus stations K5M and K5T. Reduced-power operation will continue until September 2 at 2359 UTC.

K5Z at “ground zero” will consist of a portable QRP station set up on the beach using temporary antennas and emergency power.

Certificates will be available. See the Katrina 10th Anniversary Special Memorial Event website for details. Send logs and QSLs to AG5Z. Morgan expressed his appreciation to the 599 DX Association and the Hattiesburg Amateur Radio Club.

Active stations will include:

Call Sign Operator Location
K5C AE5JG Harrison County
K5G KB5HC Gulfport
K5J AE5SK Jackson
K5L W5MZX Long Beach
K5O K2FF Ocean Springs
K5M W5XX Memorial Station
K5S N5FG Wiggins
K5T KG5BA Thank you station
K5V K5YG Vancleave
K5W AB6Z Waveland
K5Z W5UE Ground Zero (QRP)
K5H AG5Z Hattiesburg (Point of contact)