January 4, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap

by: Matt Goodwin KG6YLJ
January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014 Transmitter Hunt Recap
Hiding in Plain Sight

Jan 4 T-Hunt Group

On Saturday January 04, 2014 the Central Valley T-hunters got together for the first hunt of 2014. We had a great time. The hunt got underway at about 1015 in the morning from Letterman Park in Clovis. Matt KG6YLJ and Greg KG6YZN were the fox.

This hunt had the fox hiding in plain sight on the top level of the parking structure at River Park. Rob AE6GE was kind enough to loan his picon and icom handheld to Matt and Greg. The hunt got off to a rocky start but all the bugs were worked out within a few minutes.

Hidden Transmitter

Matt attached a three element tape measure antenna to the radio and had it pointing toward highway 41, giving a false direction to the hunters as most traveled north. At about the half hour mark the antenna was moved and pointed toward In and Out Burger in attempt to misguide the hunters. Around 1100 the antenna was changed to the rubber duck antenna in a further attempt to misguide the hunters.

At about 1130 Duane KI6QEL drove along the upper deck of the parking garage and past the transmitter that was sitting on the concrete wall between two parked cars, clearly visible to anyone passing by. There has to be something said about hiding in plain sight as the green ammo can blended into the background of the buildings across the street. Duane continued along the parking structure about 10 parking spaces and stopped to take another reading. Even at the third harmonic his radio was picking up the transmitter at S-10. Duane soon left the parking structure and was observed by the fox driving through the parking lot around Chipotle.

About 1140-1145 hours Rob AE6GE came up the upper level and drove past the fox as well. I must admit the fox was somewhat camouflaged as the dual band antenna had been removed from the car, but the license frame does have his call sign engraved on it. Rob continued down toward Macy’s parked and started to take bearings with his tape measure antenna and attenuator. After several minutes he started walking the parking structure until he came upon the fox.

John K6MI had been driving around the various parking lots and had even walked about a half mile around River Park seeking the elusive fox. At one point John was stopped by a bank security guard who was enquiring about the strange equipment he had. John took this opportunity to do some Public Relations work regarding amateur radio. As John was cruising the parking lot by Joann’s he spotted a group of unsavoury looking men standing on the parking structure and came to join us.

When all the mileage was checked John had only driven 11 miles followed by Rob at 17 miles and Duane at 19 miles. In keeping with the tradition of ending the hunt near a Me and Eds, the group broke bread at the Me and Ed at River Park. Fun was had by all.

Come and join the next Thunt on March 8, 2014. John K6MI is scheduled to be the sly fox. Get on the Central Vallley Thunters mail group and join the fun.