HAM Radio and Linux Shows make History

by Rodney Sharp
August 25th, 2009

Florida Linux Show 2009 Orlando Sponsored By Red Hat makes Communication History

On October 24, 2009 the HAM Radio operators attending the Florida Linux Show 2009 Orlando sponsored by Red Hat will be contacting the Ontartio Linux Fest through HAM Radio operators attending that Linux show on the same day. HAM radio operators around the world will be able to listen in as both Linux shows go international and take communications and Linux to a whole new level. Florida Linux Show 2009 Orlando Sponsored by Red Hat thanks the sponsors who have helped make this historic moment possible: Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), OSCON, GSAProposal.com, O’Reilly, Dreamfish, Fedora, JBoss, Sangoma (CDNX: STC.V), Shadow Soft, T-ShirtBordello, Linux Journal, LinuxProMagazine, and Linux.com.