Ham Hiker Looking for QSO’s

Mark K6MTS will be backpacking in the east side of the Sierra (between Yosemite and Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park) between August 11 and 17, 2016

He will be operating QRP from a KX2 and an LNR end fed dipole from a 30′ crappie pole for mast. Power will be provided by internal Lithium/Ion and external LiPo batteries. Logging will be done the old fashioned way on paper. Capability for 10 through 80 meters.

He’ll be looking for contacts during morning and late afternoon and evening hours.

Look for him on the QRP SSB calling frequencies as propagation dictates:

  • 75m-3.985
  •  40m-7.285
  • 20m-14.285 (also SOTA area 14.343-347)
  • 17m-18.130
  • 15m-21.385
  • 12m-24.956
  • 10m-28.885


If you get a chance look for Mark K6MTS and make some contacts with him.