Fresno EMCOMM Report for June 2010

ARES/RACES June 2010

May 26, 2010- May was quite busy with EmCommWest in Reno, a Search and Rescue exercise in Hanford (a major media event) that is to be continued in Fresno.  All this and the regular training made for an exhausting month.  ARRL Website brings new training opportunity with the addition of the ADVANCED AREC course.  Now June is here and that means Field Day!

EMCOMMWEST is always a great way to se innovation and how the “Other Guy” does things.  Captain Kristin McConnell KI6QYD, The Fresno SATERN coordinator, joined me in Reno to glean as much information as possible.  SATERN in Reno is one of the most active.  They have a fully integrated packet network, VHF/UHF/HF, IRLP and Echolink in Nevada.

CISCO had a presentation on interoperability with open source programs that work in the background by Rakesh Bharania N6ILG.  Go to for general info.  Google ‘Sahana’ for a disaster management tool, and ‘Ushahidi’ for interoperability of cell phones to IT systems.  Very exciting.

It was good to see others from the San Joaquin Valley.  One was even a presenter, David Coursey N5FDL.  Gary and Laney Greenberg KI6OYW, KI6___ also attended and arrived on Thursday to attend the ICS courses offered.

SATERN-Has established a station in Turlock with a VHF antenna and 1 member operator, thanks to Grady K6IXA.  Hanford is planning one also.  Here in Fresno, a 5BTV trap vertical and a 75,40,20 meter Maypole antenna is installed and are being tuned this week.  Field Day at the EOC as 2F plus GOTA will be very comfortable this year.  Everyone is welcome!

NAS LEMOORE SAR-The Kings County town of Armona was over run by the Navy, State Federal and local Public Safety disaster response teams in a simulated plane crash.  Among the participants were NAS Lemoore’s MARS, CAP, SKYWARN and ARES officer Ed Vonderbeck KA6PNL.  During his operation there I threw an HF rig in my car to test out the range of his Butternut folded dipole, in an inverted V configuration to find out we both needed noise suppression badly!  Doyle Counterman W6OEZ heard us both near HWY 41 and the San Joaquin River.  Thank you Doyle!

The exercise was a Media event for many officials.  In this canned event there was little need for Amateur Radio as everything worked!  However it did give us the opportunity to see where it could have been used and we will be addressing that.  Maybe very soon as I understand they will be repeating the event in Fresno.

ADVANCED AREC COURSE – is now available on the ARRL Website.  Everything is there.  There is no charge, unless you want certification.  He course is EC-016.  There is a complete description in the catalogue under: Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs-.  There are prerequisites to certification, mostly ICS courses.  At present the Section Manager has to approve certification.  Please contact me

FIELD DAY– I have an idea that we will be able to collect as much of the Field Day traffic that the sites want to make available.  At present we have Hanford, Pineridge, Fresno with Madera, Bakersfield and Tulare as possible VHF and HF relay sites.  The plan is to pass the traffic at 1400 hrs on Saturday with a time in the wee hours as a back up.  Stay tuned for a Section Alert on this.

73 de Dan AE6SX

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