February 5th Transmitter-Hunt Recap

by: Robert Mavis KG6QHL
February 9, 2011

CARP T-Hunt Recap – February 5th, 2011

Saturday morning, four teams met at Letterman Park in Clovis for CARP’s first transmitter hunt of 2011. The teams consisted of:

  • Mike KG6MSV
  • Dave NI6M & Patrick KI6QOH
  • Ron N6MTS & Ron
  • Duane KI6QEL &  XYL

Rob  AE6GE, was the designated hider, placing the transmitter in a backpack and sending itoff with Robert  KG6QHL on a bike. At approximately 10:10 that morning, the hunt began.

The transmitter started atop the parking garage at River Park and traveled along the Fresno/Clovis Rail Trail, stopping at certain points along the way. Forty minutes after the hunt started, the transmitter was found by Mike KG6MSV at the intersection of Shepherd and Cedar. He had to park in the shopping center across from the rest stop and make his way on foot, but he managed just fine.

The transmitter then made its way along Shepherd and the Rail Trail, finally turning south on Minnewawa and back to its final location of Letterman Park. There it was finally discovered the other teams.

Hunt Results are as follows:

  1. Mike KG6MSV – 10:50am
  2. Ron N6MTS & Ron – 12:10pm
  3. Dave NI6M & Patrick KI6QOH – 12:18pm
  4. Duane KI6QEL &  XYL – DNF

More photos of the event can be viewed in the K6APR.org Gallery.