Upcoming Ham Classes

Technician/General/Amateur Extra Class License Mentoring

FAME will be having a mentoring program for those that are seeking help getting their technician (1st level), general (2nd level), or extra (3rd & highest level) class license. The mentoring sessions will be held on the 1st Sunday of each month from 1pm – 3pm at the Woodward Park Library. Starting April, 2016

This will not be like a classroom setting, as this will be more of meeting once a month for a few hours and go over questions from students.

This will not supersede Technician Class room instruction. This will only for those that want extra help and/or want to study on their own for Technician Class. There are no plans for in class room instruction for General Class or Amateur Extra Class.

This is mentoring program is for anyone wanting to upgrade or wanting to get the first level (technician class), from the non-ham to the experienced amateur radio operator


For more information contact the FAME Coordinator, Greg Waters KJ6OUI at  kj6oui@arrl.net or call (559) 360-7396

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