Estate Equipment up for Auction

November 26, 2009

KD6DRY Estate Radio Equipment Silent Aution

The family of Monte Lamont KD6DRY, has graciously donated the radio equipment from his estate. Monte,  who became a silent key on September 17, 2009, was a member of of the Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers and very active in the local amateur radio community.

We will be offering the equipment to the club membership and attendees at the Christmas Party Friday December 4th, 2009 via a silent auction.  All equipment will have a reasonable reserve, but there are great deals to be had. This will be a great opportunity for new hams to get a nice piece of radio gear!

All the equipment is used, but most is in great shape. We have tested the radios for transmit and receive. Equipment that will be available for the silent auction:

  • Alinco    DJ-196    2M HT
  • Alinco    DR-235    220 Mobile
  • Alinco    DR-635    2/440 Mobile
  • Alinco    DR-119    2 M Mobile
  • Alinco    DR-605    2/440 Mobile
  • Alinco    DR-130    2M Mobile
  • Kenwood    TS570DG    HF Radio
  • Cushcraft    124WB    2M Beam
  • TV Antenna Rotor
  • Larson    KG 2/70    On glass dual band