Emcomm events list

Upcoming Public Service Events – Fall 2014

As summer approaches we take a break from the many public service events we do throughout the year. Participation of local amateur radio operators in these events not only provides a valuable service assisting with the health and welfare of the public and event participants but also gives us a chance to hone our communications skills. Skills that we will need in the event we are called to assist in an EMCOMM capacity.

Fall Public Service Events:

  • September 13 – Tour de Fresno Charity Bicycle Ride – Signup
  • October 11 – Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century Ride – Signup
  • November 2 – Two Cities Marathon

If you are interested in participating and assisting with radio communications for any of the events, please either click on the corresponding Signup link above or contact Rob AE6GE, ae6ge@k6arp.org.