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CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap – November 5, 2011
by Rob Mavis AE6GE
November 8, 2011

November 5, 2011 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers sponsored a Transmitter Hunt Saturday November 5th, 2011. The hunt started at Highway 41 and Road 145 in Madera County.

Congratulations to Duane KI6QEL, the first to find the fox in 60 minutes.

Watch for the 2012 CARP T-Hunt schedule to be released on the CARP website.

September 27, 2011 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap
by Rob Mavis AE6GE
September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap

The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers sponsored an evening Transmitter Hunt on Tuesday, September 27th. Four teams started the hunt at 7:15pm.

Teams that Participated:

  1. Mike KG6MSV (A)- 15 minutes to main Transmitter, 7 minutes to Transmitter 2 = 22 Total Minutes. 7 Miles
  2. Ron N6MTS & Robert KG6QHL (B)- 27 minutes to main Transmitter, 23 minutes to Transmitter 2 = 50 Total Minutes. 7.5 Miles
  3. Tom N6MQG (C)- 89 minutes to main Transmitter. 30 Miles
  4. Steve N6JXL & Ray KB6LQV (C) – DNF

We are trying a new scoring system with this hunt. With the variation of  equipment being use, we will be using 3 classes to help level the playing field:

  • Class A – Team can hunt on the move and not have to stop to take readings. This includes mobile mounted beams and dopplers.
  • Class B – Team has to stop and pull out equipment to take bearings. This includes hand held beams with attenuators.
  • Class C – Basic hunting equipment. This includes HTs, mobile radios with omni antennas, use body fade, no attenuator, etc. (This class includes hand held beams, but using no attenuator)

Using the new scoring system tonight’s winners are Mike KG6MSV for Class A, Ron N6MTS for Class B and Tom N6MQG for Class C.

Our next hunt will be Saturday November 5th at 10:00am, starting from Hwy 41 and 145. Hope to see all of you there.

– Rob AE6GE

June 23, 2011 CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap
by Rob Mavis AE6GE
June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011 CARP  Transmitter Hunt Recap

Some folks asked for it, so we had another evening time Transmitter Hunt. Since I had won the last hunt I had the honor of being the fox for this one. The location I picked to hide the transmitter I happened upon on the last t-hunt. It was located on the end of Leonard Ave. near the base of Owens mountain. The trick was that it was only accessible from off Sheppard avenue where De Wolf goes north over the old elevated rail bed. Here is a link to Google Maps showing where the Fox was hidden.

Teams that Participated:

  1. Mike KG6MSV – 27 minutes to main Transmitter
  2. Tom N6MQG – 90 minutes to main Transmitter

We had a light turnout due to folks getting ready for Field Day, but hope to see everyone at the next hunt on Saturday August 6th.

– Rob AE6GE

February 5th Transmitter-Hunt Recap
by: Robert Mavis KG6QHL
February 9, 2011

CARP T-Hunt Recap – February 5th, 2011

Saturday morning, four teams met at Letterman Park in Clovis for CARP’s first transmitter hunt of 2011. The teams consisted of:

  • Mike KG6MSV
  • Dave NI6M & Patrick KI6QOH
  • Ron N6MTS & Ron
  • Duane KI6QEL &  XYL

Rob  AE6GE, was the designated hider, placing the transmitter in a backpack and sending itoff with Robert  KG6QHL on a bike. At approximately 10:10 that morning, the hunt began.

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December 18, 2010 Transmitter Hunt Recap
by Mike Herlihy KG6MSV
January 6, 2011

December 18, 2010 Transmitter Hunt Recap

Now that the holidays have settled and we are all back in the swing of things, lets talk T-Hunting.  Our last hunt was back in early December.  It was an over cast day but not enough to scare away the dedicated T-Hunters.  The hide location was a sump on the NE corner of Indianola and Jensen Ave on the edge of Sanger.  Click here to see the hunt sight. The T was located approx 15‘ below grade.

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CARP T-Hunt Recap
by: Rob Mavis – AE6GE
August 21, 2010

CARP Transmitter Hunt Recap – August 21, 2010

After some minor technical difficulty the fox went on the air shortly after 10:00 am local time. The foxes for this hunt were Dave NI6M and Rob AE6GE, who won the last hunt.

Tucked behind the san joaquin river bluffs down on old friant road with a beam pointed towards the Friant Dam, the foxes hid.  Continue reading CARP T-Hunt Recap