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T-hunt Saturday July 15

Next Fox Hunt: July 15, 2017
Start time: 10:00 AM
Fox: Erik (NI6G) & John (K6MI)
Start location: Letterman Park in Clovis (Map)
– Arrive early as the hunt starts at 10:00 AM.
– Please use and monitor the K6ARP repeater during the hunt for voice communication as hints may be given.
– CARP membership is not a requirement to join in on the fun, but a radio tuned to the hunt frequency of 146.565 MHz will be helpful.
CARP T-Hunt Page
General T-Hunt Information 50kB PDF

Transmitter Hunt – Saturday July 16

Dust off your radios and scrub your antennas! The next transmitter hunt is Saturday July 16 at 10:00 AM. The start location is at the intersection of highway 180 & McCall at the Park & Ride on the north east corner. Marty K6KTP is the fox for this hunt and it is a timed hunt, so the first to find the transmitter wins. Marty also advised that there will probably be a secondary transmitter near the main one, so wear some comfortable shoes.

Please arrive early to ensure your gear is in order as we want to start at 10:00 AM. Please use the K6ARP two meter repeater for voice communications. Transmitting on the hunt frequency is a faux pas, unless you are the fox.
The weather outlook is clear and sunny on Saturday with a high around 38C. Doesn’t the temperature look cooler when using celsius? After the hunt is over we typically regroup for food and beverages at a nearby  restaurant.

Transmitter Hunt January 9, 2016


Saturday January 9, 2016 @  10:00 AM

Start Location

Letterman Park, Clovis


Fox – Ron N6MTS and Ken WA6OIB
Type of hunt –  Mileage and possibly time also
Additional details:
The hunt will be at least 3 – 4 hours, with the end declared at 3PM (if not all hunters have finished).
The hunt will involve multiple transmitters.
The successful winner is determined by the hunter finding ALL of the transmitters and the shortest route to them.
This hunt will definitely be different that any before it.
Anything goes, and it will be on public property . . . .

– Please arrive early to check in on Saturday hunts
– Please use and monitor the K6ARP repeater during the hunt for voice communication

Transmitter Hunt May 23 in Fresno Area

Central Valley Transmitter Hunters

Come on out to the next T-Hunt. Win or lose we have fun. The more you hunt the better you will get!

The start location is the park & ride at the NE corner of 180 and McCall. (36.736488, -119.609271)

Please arrive early to check in. The hunt begins at 10 AM.

The hunt frequency is 146.565 MHz. Marty K6KTP will be the fox for this hunt.

More details to follow on the day of the hunt.