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K6MTS QRP Portable SOTA Mt. Tom 8/24-8/31/2017

Hi Guys,

FYI, Wed 8/23, will day hike and see how far I can get up past Horton Lake, and up to Mt. Tom (W of Bishop) and activate it for SOTA. Will try working 146.52 FM with HT, and KX3 with portable telescoping whip with counterpoise on 20m and/or 40m (will start with QRP call feqs at 14.285 / 7.285)

Then, Thur 8/24 through Thur 8/31 will embark on on 8day backpacking trip starting NW of Bishop then work SW towards and into the Bear Lakes Basin Area (S of Lake Italy).

Will be operating QRP with KX2, LNR end fed dipole, 30′ crappie pole for mast, internal Lith/Ion and external Lipo batteries, and a paper log. Capability for 10-80m only. Might bring a tiny Dual Band VHF/UHF UV-3R Baofeng, not sure.

Likely QRP SSB call freqs where I will try first, then work around: 75m-3.985, 40m-7.285, 20m-14.285 (also SOTA area 14.343-347), 17m-18.130, 15m-21.385, 12m-24.956, 10m-28.385.

Thanks guys, looking forward to a great trip as well as some fun contacts!


Mark / K6MTS